Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twang. Ow.

Guess what I got for Christmas?

That's right - I got a guitar!

It pretty much looks exactly like this one.

I do have a busy life, believe it or not, but I am managing to spend at least an hour a day, most days, noodling around on this thing. I break it up into 20 minute sessions, though, because of the intense pain. I find that the sound lets me know when to stop playing...when the bass strings start to twang and sound messy, it means my fingers are hurting too much to depress the string completely down onto the fret, and that means "Go do something else for a few hours."

When I was in Grade 9 we took guitar as part of Music class. It was a small school, so we all borrowed guitars, and Mr. Falk spent a couple of months teaching us C-A-G-E-D. I'm glad I'm not starting out from scratch. I've never had a guitar of my own, though, so it was a pretty exciting Christmas morning. I immediately downloaded Chord Free! for my phone, so no matter where I am, I can look up any chord  I don't know. Yay!

And, at about 11 AM on the 25th, I printed off a few sheets from my new favourite site. All I had to go was Google "folk guitar tabs" and look at the untold wealth I stumbled upon!

Actually, believe it or not, I got TWO guitars for Christmas -- the new western-style Yamaha from Mr HSBoots, and an ancient, vintage, beat-up classical model from my friend, who has spent the last two years listening to me moan and complain that I wanted a guitar to learn on, and take camping. "Free or cheap," I kept saying. "Keep an eye on the Buy & Sell for me."

The second-hand one is not in working order yet (needs to be restrung) but I am getting along okay on the Yamaha, which has great resonance and I suspect, in the hands of an actual Musician, would sound nice. In the hands of Me, though, it sounds like this:

Cool, huh?!

Only drawback is, with those fingers I can't knit lace anymore...for the time being, anyway.


Ames said...

That's impressive, Eric. . .er . . I mean, Shan.

Gwen said...

YOU ARE EFFING AWESOME AND I BOW BEFORE YOU IN HUMILITY. Not kidding at all. I'm totally blown away by how you can rock Scarborough Fair after a few short weeks. You're so gifted! I'm so proud of you! xoxo

Annalea said...

Good on ya, Shan! I can't wait to hear what happens next. :o)

I have a Yamaha that's nearly the same thing. ;o) Birthday present waaaaay back before children. I've still got it, and still love it. And I really should get it out and see how much I can remember. Since we live in such a teeny place, I really miss having my piano in the living space. (It lives downstairs, in what will someday be the wood shop. I know.)