Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What the Camera Saw

...on Thursday:
In Vancouver International Airport, I met my girl totally by accident. Her plane to Calgary was hours late and I arrived at the same boarding lounge for my 10.30 flight to Toronto. We chewed the fat for 20 minutes and then both flights got called at the same time. Awesome!

...on Friday:

After a sleepless night on a plane, suffering from climate shock (37 degrees?? whaaa--?) and lightly jet-lagged, I had breakfast with Mr. HSB's brother and sister, and nephew. A good time was had by all, and Lesley left the restaurant with several crispy slices of bacon in her purse. (You know it's been a good day when you have bacon in your purse.)

Mine........all mine.

...on Saturday:
I was devastated when I missed this exhibit at the SAM last year, and on the weekend in Toronto, I walked past the AGO completely by accident - and saw a poster. "We're going!" I said to my uncles. 

My favourite painting in the whole exhibit. This woman completely riveted me and I stared at her for a solid ten minutes, while other people watched me tentatively. I could practically hear them thinking "What on earth do you SEE in her?!" 

Night view from my hotel room window, with extreme zoom. This photo reflects my utter delight with my proximity to the heart of downtown Toronto. "Look, Ma! Yonge Street!"

...on Sunday:
 With my wonderful Joe and Dave, celebrating their award with them.

I felt like I was sitting next to a pair of celebrities: Ruby and Sadie! A surreal feeling of meeting children I already knew...and I was hard pressed not to just scoop them up in my arms and shower them with kisses. (And I met Belinda and Susan, too! But didn't want to shower them with kisses. That would have been weird.)

...and on Monday:
Every time I come back to YVR, I try to get a photo of Mt Baker...this is the first one that worked.

Joe and Dave, thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for inviting me to share your wonderful day, and thank you for all the great times we had together over the weekend. I am already planning my next visit to downtown Toronto -- next time, I want to go to the St Lawrence Market!

Kiss kiss!