Thursday, December 13, 2007

Samhain Cap

Get a load of me, eh? Posting like a mad thing. (Maybe that has something to do with my losing eight bloglines subscribers yesterday . They are tired of listening to me. Either that or the egg-drink post finished them off.)

But, a finished object!

Samhain Cap
Yarn: Berroco Foliage 53% wool, 47% acrylic, in Cinnabar
Needle: 5mm bamboo circular, magic loop method
Tension: 4 sts/inch, give or take (it's a thick and thin yarn)
Cast On: December 3, 2007
Bound Off: December 4, 2007
Modifications: None.
Notes: The hat could be longer. It's a true beanie, sitting well back of the hairline (except on my six-year-old, which is why I used her as a model). The hat is very stretchy though, and I plan to thread a narrow elastic through the lower edge to help hold it on. I think that'll fix it right up.

Samhain, in the Celtic calendar, refers to the first few nights of November. There is a festival held on those days, to mark the beginning of winter: the "dark time". I thought it was an apt name for a warm, snuggly hat with a celtic cable, knit in a cinnabar-coloured yarn called "Foliage".

Thanks again to Jo of Wild Peculiar Joy, for the yarn giveaway. I still have one ball left and it will become wristers after Christmas.
PS: I do have one other FO.......but I need a model to do it justice. Here's a hint.


lizbon said...

I LIKED the scary egg-drink post. And that is a very pretty hat. And I am over here in the corner bowing my head in shame, because I just fracked the hell out of the mango hat (too tall, oddly enough) and have to reknit it. After blocking it. Drat.

At least it now smells like Kookabura, which will be pleasant as I knit furiously this weekend.

Kate said...

Oh that hat speaks to me. I am so drawn to those colours right now! And I love beanies. Nice one!

OK, I found the egg post scary. I admit it. Then the discussion of custardy stuff after turned my stomach. The only thing I can't stand is caramel custard. or really most custards. Ugh!

But this was much better. And I didn't de-bloglines you :)

Jo said...

Very nice - I love the spicy autumn-ness of it :)

Gwen said...

I, too, enjoyed the scary egg post, and wouldn't dream of removing you from bloglines. The nerve!

LOVE the hat.

knititch said...

i am afraid i don't know how bloglines work. i always wish i knew who is actually reading all my rantings. blogging is much more difficult than i thought especially in your second language.
cute hate.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Well, look who I found here, I didn't know you were into knitting ... very cool. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it allowed me to track you down. A few days ago I met a woman with an intellectual disability who is a 'yarn-ie' and we've commissioned to crochet us a bedspread. She knits and crochets as a means of keeping her hands busy and is so good that she's begun teaching knitting at the college. Seems like the two of you would have much in common ... Ta kiddo

Denise said...

Cute hat!

And Re: the bloglines thing

I believe bloglines may have been having issues yesterday. My bloglines showed one of my regular reads as having zero subscribers, which I knew wasn't true because I am subscribed to her.

My list of subscribers dropped by about 8 people but was back up today. Who knows what they're doing...

amanda said...

Cute hat!
Weird about the's probably a bloglines bug. That would be too weird!!