Friday, November 23, 2012

Ho Ho HOLY CRAP that is strong.

First let me tell you I have a special relationship with Starbucks' Eggnog Lattes. I know other places make them, and make them well, but for me there's nothing like the 'buckies.

They're not cheap, though, (budget $5 each) and when you love them as much as I do you can spend upwards of $75 in November and December just on Eggnog Lattes. (!!!)

Enter the Bialetti, the Illy, and the Lucerne. Yowza!

Helpful YouTube Italian dude says mound the grounds: I obey. (Regretted that last tablespoon though.)

Steamin' hot eggnog/milk (2:1) and a frother.

Huge, "Friends"-style 500ml mug, nutmeg grater, and a camera reflection.

Overfilled for that luscious 'nog-foam experience.

Starbucks ornament snowman says "Way to save yourself $5! You cheap bastard."


Gwen said...

Oh, what I really want is a milk frother. (Plus some peace, man, a place to find a common ground.)

kate said...

I wonder if in the end this is cheaper, or because you likely have more of them and the ingredients aren't super cheap, if it ends up a wash or more expensive :)

Shan said...

Good point Kate, plus the Jenny Craig membership for next year.