Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it too soon? -- No way!

Guess what I'm doing this morning?

Screen shot:

Syncing my iPod with all my Christmas music!

It's kind of a big deal, because my iPod is 16GB and therefore a little small for my music collection (34G-ish on iTunes right now, not including those last 150 or so CDs I haven't got around to importing), so I can never just put everything on there at once. There's a certain amount of jockeying for position.

But, 25 days before Christmas, every last jingle goes on there. Every Celtic harp's softly rippling Ave, every jazz trio's swingin' Winter Wonderland, every choir's a capella Stille Nacht. Even the Chieftains and their fiddle-thumping, boot-stamping, spoon-clacking Boar's Head.

I'm so happy right now!


Gwen said...

Not too soon AT ALL. A couple years ago I compiled a playlist which I can turn on at 8:00 am (starting with J-J-J-J-Jingle Bells), and which finishes up with the Toronto Children's Choir round about 10:30. AWESOME.

Gwen said...

10:30 pm, I mean.

Ames said...

What Gwen said!

I love that in the U.S., Thanksgiving is the kick off of the Christmas season. No one thinks you are weird if you start the Christmas music in November. In fact, some radio stations start their 24/7 holiday/Christmas/winter music on the day after Thanksgiving.

(Of course, we listen to Christmas music ALL year round. We just come out of the closet at Thanksgiving.)

Ames said...

That was one freaking awesome holiday. I wish we could do it every year. Thanks for hosting us. I'm getting all emotional just thinking about it.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I don't think I'll tell your Uncle Joe about this comment of mine. But did you know that he is a complete and utter snob about Christmas music. He categorizes the genre into 'Songs' and 'Carols'. Anything like, Jingle Bells or Rudolf, or even that freaking (he uses a different word) Drummer Boy - those are (to be said with disgust), seasonal songs. Christmas Carol's are those that are about CHRISTMAS, birth of the baby, shepherds, wise men, the saviour of the world. And of that category he has another division. Carols sung by pop stars in a pop starry way in a, probably, cynical gesture to line thier pockets with gold, and those that are performed by various kinds of quartets or by voices that are tagged as soprano, tenor, mezzo, baritone, alto or base. That's what we listen to - the others are what he endures to get shopping done.

Dave Hingsburger said...

can I ask you a favour to get rid of that thing below where you have to read the letters and type the numbers. It takes me up to four tries. I just can't get it. I give up now at three, i don't have the time. My blog has a strong filter for spam and your's could too, It catches most of them. Please. I really dislike it.

Shan said...

Dave, that first comment is AWESOME! I am with Joe on Christmas music -- I don't give "songs" the validation of "carols", for sure, but I love and embrace songs in their own right! And boy do I hate those pop star carols. Especially "O Holy Night"...if you're not classically trained with an operatic voice, you've got no business shooting for O Holy Night. Just forget about it.

I didn't even know I had the confusing word verification. It doesn't show when I'm leaving a comment on my own blog! Sorry. It's gone now.