Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A dream is a WIIIISH your heart makes!

Sort, dust, scrub, vacuum, scrub, wipe, shake, scrub...I'm Cinderella these days. My sister-in-law emailed me on Monday and asked me how the Christmas preparations were getting on, and with a guilty start I realised that all I had done was buy a package of dominosteine (my all-time favourite bought Christmas treat) and read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to my daughter twice.

So, yesterday I dug out the family room, and today I spent the ENTIRE day on my hands and knees cleaning the kids' room. We made an arrangement - I would get it completely clean, and they would be in charge of maintenance...keep it that way until Christmas.

After two long days, though, I might be at the end of my zeal for housekeeping.

Here's what I need: I need two GOOD friends - not just "friends" - to help me out. What we'd do is, we'd start in one house on, say, Monday, and clean the living tar out of it, get it all ready for Christmas. Then we'd all three move on to the next one on Wednesday, and then the final one on Friday. In one week, all of our houses would be done for Christmas.

Here are the reasons it doesn't work when I do it myself:
a) it's boring;
b) it's too easy to sit down and check Facebook "just for ten minutes"; and
c) because all the junk is mine, I'm too invested in it and get discouraged trying to make decisions about it.

My friends would do all the stuff nobody needs to TELL them how to do, like dusting, vacuuming behind furniture, scrubbing kitchen counters, and I could just get on with putting things where they belong. I'd have somebody to talk to, AND I'd be embarrassed to stop.

Too bad I don't have any good friends.

Pity party! RSVP.


Lesley said...

OMG - I wish I lived near you! This sounds like a fantastic idea!

PS - I have no friends either :(

Kate said...

See if Sunmi was still here this would work perfectly!! But now this whole working-for-a-living gets in the way....

Susie Hewer said...

Great plan. Get those air tickets booked!

Shan said...

I LOOOOOOVE all you guys!!

Gwen said...

I've tried all week to Christmas clean my house. I seem to spend hours cleaning, then look around... and see that the whole place is still in a state of emergency.

Maybe we should book a Skype Clean. Second best, but still better than doing it solo. What do you think?

Gwen said...

By the way, I checked into group Skyping, and one of us would have to have a paid account. Looks like a Shan/Gwen/Ames chat isn't possible. :(

Valerie said...

How about one of these:
Cleaning Fairy

But yeah, two good friends would be better.