Saturday, November 24, 2012

Does this even count as a vlog?

Quite a long time ago, my sister urged me to put up a "vlog" - a video blog. Which is another one of those annoying misnomers in our world: really, it should be "vost", because it's a POST, not a BLOG. That's like saying 'book' when you mean 'chapter'.

Anyhow. I know I posted yesterday about my eggnog latte, but in fact I took some video of that process, and thought it would be funny to post it.

In case you have ever wondered what my voice sounds like and whether I have a Canadian accent (which Lizbon maintains that I do), here's a sample.


Gwen said...

YES, this counts as a vost! I watched it twice, because I miss you so. Do another one! Do another one!

Jeannette said...

It made my morning.
Or my early afternoon.
Lovely, and thank you.

Ames said...

Please send one. . . ASAP.

Every time I try to froth heat milk, it doesn't work. Is it my frother or what?

Loved the "vost" and I am loving your everyday posts.

Mwaah. . .

Annalea said...

You totally DO have a Canadian accent . . . but it's a Western Canadian accent, so it's not as noticeable. At least, it's not that noticeable to me, living in a state bordering Alberta, and regularly meeting vacationing western Canadians at church and around town. (The word "pain" is a good example . . . you say something closer to "peen" than the US's "payne".)

And you're totally going to laugh . . . but I've never seen the inside of a coffee percolator (if that's what it even is) before . . . lol Born and bred Mormon, here. ;o)

Annalea said...

P.S.) You have such a nice-sounding voice. :o) It fits.

Shan said...

Annalea, you made me laugh!! "peen"?!?! really?? How funny! I have a friend who really flattens her vowels (somewhere between 'kerr' and 'kurr' for 'car') and it drives me nuts. Now it turns out I do it too! I'll have to work on rounding them out more.

And thanks for saying I have a nice-sounding voice! That's a relief, because there's another video scheduled to publish tomorrow, so you'll have to listen to a lot more of it.

And yes, that's a stovetop espresso maker. Someday I'll do a vost about mulled wine and you'll really be at sea.