Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It really happened

I'm sad our little family reunion is over. I wish we had taken more photos - specifically, a whole-family shot - but Dad's birthday weekend was so busy I forgot about my camera.

I love these people so much...I'm glad I have these pictures at least.

L-R it's Me, Dad, and Gwen, as taken by my daughter.


kate said...

Do you and Gwen have the same glasses?!

Love the family resemblance between the three of you.

Gwen said...

I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS. I miss Dad so much.

Gwen said...

Goodness sake, Kate, you're right. They are eerily similar... but not the same. Honestly, I swear to you that neither of us influenced the other in the choosing!

Shan said...

Ha! I never noticed, either