Monday, November 12, 2012

I LOVE leftovers.

Erudite Mondays
Volume 11 Number 4
by Tom Perrotta

This book was a weird little number. I LOVED it.

The premise is, the Rapture has happened. You know the one I mean - it's out of fashion in Christian circles nowadays, but it has enjoyed very sensational press in the past. The twist about this Rapture tale, though, is that not all the people taken were Christians. Or even "good people", if such a thing exists -- the Rapture was random. Some of the missing were atheists, some Muslim, and so on. (Gasp!) Interestingly, because of this seeming impartiality, Christian groups in the book deny that it even WAS the Rapture.

The novel deals with the lives of the people who have been left behind. The Rapture has happened, their wives, children, families, friends have been taken, and they have not. How do they react, how do they cope, how can they live their lives?

The author does a wonderful job of portraying human emotions in all their messy glory - the range of feelings the characters experience during the novel. It was a totally gripping book, because the human story was so profound. It was deeply sad and troubling, with a good dose of suspense and foreboding.

I spent three quarters of the novel waiting for the other shoe to drop. I half expected the author to pull back the curtain and show us exactly what happened. Or, I thought (as did many of the characters) there might be a second "Disappearance".

This book is really about people. It's about humans and the way they love, grieve, and live on afterwards. It's marvellous and you should read it.

Go! Read it!

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kate said...

I read this about a month ago. Weird little number indeed! For me it felt too little in the end, too quickly pat in the wrap-up. Just for me, something was missing in the story and in the telling and in the emotion, couldn't put my finger on it though. I had read a review of it and that person also really liked it, so it must be me :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

I loved the film Election, a wildly funny ride, and your review has me very interested in this one. I'll give it a go. I tend to avoid 'rapture' books as they have a bit too much of a 'I told you so' kind of vibe to them ...

sulu-design said...

I'm so glad to have this recommendation. I've been looking for books to add to my winter reading stack. It's been a while since I've read one of Perrotta's books, and this one sounds great.

A very, very belated nice-to-meet you! Sorry I was so out of it when you stopped by. But it was so good to put your face with your name with your blog.