Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day One

I'm trying something new for a while. I've decided to post to the blog every day.

I've become quite aware, lately, of the accumulation of moments and days - the way they stack up awfully quickly into years and decades. I've never been good at pen-and-paper journaling, but this format might be a bit more achievable for me. I'm looking forward to reading back at the end of the process and rediscovering events I might have forgotten.

Yesterday I dropped my daughter off at the stable, where she was going to have a practice ride. An hour later the phone rang - her coach's cell phone. My daughter fell off the horse, could I meet them at the hospital?

It's just a broken collar bone, thank God, but I'm wondering why on earth she couldn't have taken up a different sport? Why did she have to pick one that kills people all the time? What's wrong with a nice game of croquet?


kate said...

Just a broken collar bone?! Good grief!

Gena said...

Oh no! I hope she's settled and not in any pain. See, this is why I hate horses. They secretly want to kill us all.

Shan said...

It's just, the alternative could have been something like "spinal injury" or "torn knee" and those are worse!

Gena - lol.

Valerie said...

Shhh!! Watch what you say...Isn't polo just croquet on a horse?!

Ouch...the collarbone moves with any shoulder movement. Hope the healing goes quickly!

Ames said...


Looking forward to reading everyday.