Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Status Quo

"That’s the biggest mess the world has seen!!!”
Mom yelled at me quite loud.
But it’s a new world’s record so you’d think that she’d be proud.

-Gregory K

(copied with implicit permission from here)

Ah, yes. Once again it is Messy Tuesday. I was so disorganised today I almost forgot to post about the disarray. Which, really, is a sign of undoubted success.

Let's start with something nice and light. One might call it an aperitif of disorder.

Toys are kind of a gimme for Messy Tuesday, if you're a household with kids. In this picture I particularly like how the Amy Morris doll is peering up at me like I've just caught her with her hand in the till. Actually her hand is in the lemonade stand. But you'll also note the roll of Christmas wrap, which really ought to be moved. I'll think about that while I show you this:

This is Mr HalfSoledBoots' side of the bed. I like the composition of this photo because a lot of different aspects of our lives are represented. You see the Bible there, in the black case - Religion. You see the blood pressure monitor and the empty Kleenex box - Health. There is the Usborne "Big Book of Picture Puzzles" - Family, and also Education. You see in the upper-left the upside-down witch hat belonging to Emily's Hallowe'en costume - Philosophy. Then there are the urban planning periodicals - Career. Lastly you have a little scrap of quilting fabric wrapped in a promotional band - Hobbies - and a pair of bobby pins - Personal Care.

(Admiring applause?)

I have saved the most desperate mess for last. You will probably think it's no big deal, but here is my craft corner:

I call this a Desperate Mess because of that wicker basket you see there. It's huge. It's about 40 centimeters deep, maybe 50 wide, and probably about 80 long. And it's packed so full that its density is probably distorting the gravitational pull of earth. I briefly thought about doing some calculation on the bulk density of X number of knitting projects in Y amount of space, but stopped when I began to bleed from the ears. Suffice it to say there is a lot of yarn there - the appearance of the topmost layer is deceptive - something like the placid surface of a cauldron pool under which some lethal and seething monster lies dormant.

Interestingly, I have been looking for my headphones for two days and it's only just now that I notice they're on top of the wicker white dwarf.

In the face of the mess - albeit contained - that the wicker basket represents, those sloppy-looking plastic bags, and the cardboard box in which my Starmore kit arrived and in which it still languishes, are laughable.

I showed you mine - now you show me yours.

Meme item number 6: I took first-year Astronomy in university. I got an A- in the course, and an A+ in the lab. It turns out Physics, like a lot of other things, is just about being careful and printing neatly. (Luckily I didn't take it long enough to explore more deeply and find out I am wrong, and stupid.)


Annalea said...

I think it's time for a confession, over at my blog. ;o)

kate said...

Hey I posted a craft mess too! :)

Liked your bedside essay.

Gregory K. said...

Just to clarify, I had to write that poem using sheer imagination as I am, of course, incredibly fastidious.

Errrrr. Uh.... Well, not exactly :-)

Thanks for the shout out!

Ames said...

I am laughing hard over here.

lizbon said...

My favorite is the fact that the Halloween witch's hat represents Philosophy.

But I still ain't showing y'all my desk. It's a horrorshow.

Felix said...

an impressive mess and well described!

I am envious of your wicker basket and its awesome powers.

Stace' said...

Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you!

Penny said...

I recognise those types of piles!

Tabatha said...

I love these little glimpses into the messy life of Shan.

mel said...

Undoubted success - you and your mess are amazing (not to mention your sense of humor!)

Jenny said...

Looks like our home!!

knititch said...

i am never ever going to show my mess. it is too embarassing. but i think you are brave.