Saturday, April 26, 2008

Frothy Pink Confection

This is the second of my completed Amy March's Slippers for the knitalong. They are for my daughter Emily (now 4) who is quite chuffed with them.

Amy March's Petit Slippers

Pattern: Stephanie Dosen
Yarn: Paton's Shetland Chunky, colourway 03425 "Frosted Rose"
Needles: 2 5mm Clover Takumi bamboo circulars
Tension: I don't know. I just reached for the ruler and knocked a glass frame containing a picture of my sister and her husband to the floor, where it broke, and now I have to throw salt over my shoulder or something to break the bad omen so I'm too busy to check the tension. 4 sts per inch, maybe? Not sure. Distracted just now by doing the hokey pokey backwards.
Ribbons: FabricIand, one picot-edged satin and one satin-edged poly organza.
  1. Cast on six to each needle as directed, but only increased (every row) to 24.
  2. Knitted five rounds total before beginning the rib.
  3. Used a 2X2 rib over centre 8 stitches of top (p1 k2 p2 k2 p1).
  4. After short-rowing the heel, (where the pattern as given directs you to thread your ribbon through) picked up 10 stitches along one side edge, then knitted the held toe stitches, then picked up 10 more along the other side.
  5. Knitted one round to add height to the edge of the slipper, decreased 1 stitch at each side of the toe for shaping.
  6. Bound off every other stitch.
  7. Ran elastic through all live stitches, put on foot, pulled up to tighten, and tied knot.
  8. While still on foot, wove ribbon through to cover elastic.
This was a cute pattern. It's very organic, so you need to be aware when knitting it that you might have to do some adjustments to suit yourself. Luckily, it's a quick knit and a small number of stitches, so this isn't a huge problem.

The elastic is a really good idea. The slipper is kind of low and the ribbons don't really hold them on well, because they have to be loose enough to pull on your foot. Just pick up a 1/4" elastic of an appropriate colour (my store has white and black, plus nude for lingerie purposes) and use that. Make sure you adjust the tightness with the slipper on - when the slipper is off, the elastic will pull the slipper quite a bit out of shape so you won't be able to tell if it's right unless it's on your foot.

I used the same exact method for my daughter's slippers as I did for mine. Using a slightly finer yarn and a smaller needle worked great for adjusting the size.

I'll make these again, for sure. I would like to eventually have a bunch of them in the house during the winter, since my kids are (typically) resistant to socks and always complain of cold feet. I think lots of these will look really pretty thrown into a basket in the living room.

Thanks Stephanie!


karen said...

They look wonderful!
I love the idea of the basket of slippers ...

Heatherly said...

so cute. perfect for the hard wood floors...and for dancing of course

kate said...

Nicely done! Oh so girly ;-)

Kris said...

The sippers are sooo cute!

Ames said...

When I saw that picture, my first thought was that your feet seemed very oddly shaped. Then I read that they were for the little one. Whew!

I am sure I have a girl or two around here who would like those.

Olga said...

Oh those came out so nice! hmmm, may have to try to make some. And your puppy is so adorable!

Jennifer said...

yha ok tose SOOOOOOOOOO cute!:]