Saturday, April 26, 2008

I hear Plato was eating breakfast when he composed the Iliad

Has anyone else noticed that H0ney Nut Cheeri0s used to be more nutty? There were little brown flecks on the Cheeri0s and they were quite crunchy, not too sweet, right? Well now they're smooth and white and sugary. Look at this picture - they look like....what, doughnuts maybe?

Not as good as they used to be. Not nearly as good.

Plus now that I've seen them this close up, I don't think I can even eat them again.


kate said...

Very odd. Where's the nuts?

I have a box of the multigrain ones, and I can't believe how sweet they are. Sugar on everything, I guess.

Ames said...

We usually buy the plain ones. The honey nut ones are a rare treat, so I had not notices. Wouldn't be surprised, though. Sugar is cheaper than nuts.

Annalea said...

I have a feeling Plato wasn't eating HNC's for breakfast . . . ;o) They did indeed use to be brown, and not sugar-coated like that. Yuk.

Bethro said...

Ha! Plato - the Iliad- classic (pun totally intended)

I'm saddened by this, HNC being my favorite cereal (although I haven't had it in a while). I guess you can never go home again. I'm going to to cheer myself up.

amanda said...

I eat them every morning, well, not them, I eat Trader Joe's Honey O's. I think they're tasty!

Jennifer said...

I eat that for breakfast