Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amy March's Slippers - Day One

Good afternoon everyone! Today is the first day of the Amy March Slippers Knitalong, with your kind and attentive hosts, Bethro and Challoner. I know some people jumped the gun and did their slippers early - and test knitting is always constructive, so good for you.

As for me, things have been busy around here the last 24 hours, so I don't know how quickly I'll get these done, but I have begun precisely on schedule.

I had to buy some chunky weight yarn for these slippers, as it's a weight I don't normally keep in the stash. I was in MichaeI's last week and got these.

The Shetland Chunky is the colour I prefer, but I thought the weight wouldn't be quite right...since I wanted to make more than one pair anyway, I picked up the Wool-Ease. It's got a lower wool content than I normally like but it takes all kinds to make up a stash...or something.

Anyway, I cast on today with my beloved magic loop method, using Meg Swansen's Turkish cast on. I think. I'm never sure what the difference is between the Turkish and the figure 8 cast on.

And here I am modelling the first twelve rounds against the backdrop of my Messy Tuesday post. This is what happens when a puppy prances into the house and you immediately discover the fifteen or twenty things you thought were up high enough but weren't. (And when you have tea twice and forget to put both pots away, and pin out your Cap Shawl and forget to put the pins away, and....and....and....)

More tomorrow.


kate said...

What, it's Tuesday again?! Oh crud.

I'm done my first slipper -- so fun!

lizbon said...

Oh, puppy proofing! I want to marry Piper.

Ames said...

I like that teapot.

Sorry, Lizbon. Piper is coming home with me. You understand, right?

Bethro said...

You rock - remembering the day our KAL starts and all. And posting about it.

Love the colors and can't wait to see the ribbons.

Annalea said...

Thanks for the reminder. ;o) Tuesdays are crazy for me, and it slipped through the cracks. I need to go stash diving and see what I can find . . . maybe I'll hold two strands of something together. After all, there has to be at least one pair of slippers in the KAL that has lots of wonkiness and looks strange, right? ;o)

(Have you put "am" at the end of your title recently? Just thought I'd ask . . . ;o)

lizbon said...

Ames, boo hoo.

Jess said...

I like why you named the dog Piper - cute idea! I'm starting my second slipper (as in the next part of my first pair) since I'm a little slower! This is my first sock type project, all I've done so far is one boring scarf and 3 of the same hats! This is definitely a challenge for me. I love your color!

Gena said...

Holy crap, the toe looks ginormous in chunky weight! Love the color!

Stace' said...

Will you send me this pattern?

kate said...

OK, anyone else from Ravelry looking for agree buttons on blog comments?!

I agree with Gena, the toe looks big in true chunky weight!