Friday, January 04, 2008

Almost Forgot a Title.

Today is one of those coastal days that overwhelm newcomers and visitors by their sheer pervasive soakedness. But hey - it grows the trees that everyone admires so much. (Click to embiggen.)

Well, my respite from knitting lasted all of about 2 hours. Here is the Log Cabin Blanket, in progress:

And here are the first 18 rounds of the new lace project:

which will in time become this:

Gift certificate in hand, I went to Village Yarns' (no website) January sale the other day. I had a bit of trouble spending the money, actually - the vastness of my stash has been a weight on my chest lately, interfering with my enjoyment of it. One thing I hardly have any of, though, is laceweight. So I picked up three skeins of Zephyr Wool-Silk in Ruby, for the Cap Shawl, and also bought 15 skeins of Berroco Glace at 70% off. Yes, Please!
The Glace (the orange rayon in the picture below) will become a Clapotis - at last - for a friend. Then there is the celadon -....lime?.....celery?....whatever, it's green - Handmaiden Sea Silk, which is gorgeous, and which I bought for my mother at 40% off. She's trying to decide what to knit with it, and left me one of the two skeins to wind into a ball for her. Lastly, at bottom left, are the two balls of Naturally "Me" which is a 50% cashmere, 50% merino blend. I bought this at half price to make myself Odessa.

I've been spending some time on Ravelry lately. It hasn't cut into the knitting time, much, but I find the queue concept very motivating. It's not that I didn't have a list of things to knit BEFORE Ravelry, it's just that having them all in a line, with thumbnails clearly visible and yarn details noted beside the photo, keeps me enthused about casting on. I've already started three of the things in my queue, and have plans for at least two more.

What I'm hoping, then, is to revive my Stash Reduction Plan of last year. I haven't fallen off the wagon, per se, but I have not done as much actual knitting as I thought I would have. I haven't bought much yarn, either, but there is still Much to be Done.

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my very cheerful and zingy New Year's Day post. I think you all were right: it's bound to be better. Besides, in the end, really, there's nothing to do but go on - one has no choice but to hope for the best. I appreciate your words.

I also appreciate these.

They arrived in my mailbox today, and should go a long way toward cheering me up....which, if you are at all familiar with the plots, will probably strike you as ironic. Thank you so much, Joe and Dave, for your generosity.


Brenda said...

I can't believe how much you have done on your log cabin already, very impressive!

Been contemplating a shopping trip to Winners, and now that I'm reading about the sale at Village Yarns even more so. Is it worth the drive down? Lots of stuff on sale? Not that I need more stash, but can never resist a sale!

Jo said...

Wow - there are going to be a lot of stitches in that shawl! More power to you! I have never heard of that North and South video - the only think I know by that name is the John Jakes mini-series.

Tabatha said...

Whenever I read Thomas Hardy I want to commit suicide. 'Kay that is a bit strong but not too far off the mark. I wish I could sound intelligent and say that I "appreciate his eye for poignant detail and his fatalistic tone" but I don't because those poignant details and fatalistic tone are what let thoughts of depression creep in. Give me a good ol' mystery novel and I am a happy girl.

Hey, if you don't write about things that are very cheerful and zingy I will.

I can't believe how much you have done already on that blanket.

That lace is beautiful and what a lovely colour you chose.

I still haven't figured out a project for my yarn but I have taken your advice and am surfing the net this morning.

lizbon said...

a) re: knitting - wow. I, for one, am impressed with your productivity. In a week off from work, I have knitted exactly 2.5 inches of 1x1 rib on a mitten. Whoop-dee-doo.

b) Hugh Jackman can cheer me up anytime.

c) Lovely yarn choices. I love the word sea silk. It makes me think of mermaid hair.

Stace' said...

Do you cook and clean too?

I'm so impressed by you.

Loving your posts.

Did I read correctly that you want to knit me a sweater or something? LOL!

Shan said...

Brenda: did you get there?

Jo: North and South is a BritLit classic by Elizabeth Gaskell. Written and set in Industrial Revolution England, exposing the conflict between the wealthy south and the lower/emergent-middle class industrial north.

Tabatha: Thomas Hardy is depressing, true. But I have a morbid fascination with the books though I want to throw them across the room as soon as I finish them, or sometimes even partway through. And, as I emailed you,,, and You should start knitblogging now!

Lizbon: love your (c). So true.

Stace: rarely. Someday I should get Mr HSBoots to do a post about what life is REALLY like around here. Thank you for the compliment, and I would certainly knit you something (a sweater? YEAH RIGHT). How do you feel about wristwarmers?
; )

Bev said...

I absolutely loved knitting the cap shawl. You can see mine on ravelry--I'm bevqw. The border took a long time, but if you don't already know how, teach yourself to knit backwards. That eliminates having to turn the bulky shawl over and over and over. Have fun.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I'm glad the DVD's made it to you, and quickly I see. I agree with Tabatha about Thomas Hardy, I think if 'bleakness' took human form, decided to write a book under a pen name, he'd choose Thomas Hardy. The DVD though well done was enough to leave us ... what's the opposite of 'uplifted'?

Anonymous said...

That shawl is amazing! I just bought that book and haven't picked out which of the 7273 projects I want to do first. I look forward to seeing your project.


Stace' said...

You know, wrist warmers are amazing in these 70 degree Winters here in the Southern USA.

You're a doll!

Jenny said...

I loved Tess of the D'urbervilles!!
Haven't watched it in ages!!

Brenda Grate said...

I can't believe how much you create, Shan. You do beautiful work!

Just had to let you know your eulogy went over extremely well last night at the writing meeting. Everyone was very inspired! Thanks for letting me share it.

Hope you're feeling better. :)