Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Terasen can wait.

I can't believe I forgot to post about this, but contest winner Kris has a draw of her own going on right now. Check it out. Tell her you came from HSBoots.

Remember when I said yesterday that I have already spent the $100 G00gle is going to pay me at the end of February?

Did you wonder what I spent it on?

1-I've been wanting it for over a year.

2-It will be my meisterwerk.

3-It is coming from here.

Oh yes, oh yes. I finally bought it.

I must say: lace is WAAAAY cheaper to knit than Fair Isle. This sucker is going to be about $240 by the time I have paid for the extra yarn (it needs to be a bit longer to be useable) and the exchange from pounds sterling. Hopefully Postes Canada Post doesn't sock me for duty - sometimes they are merciful (and sometimes they're not).

But money isn't everything, and this will be a really beautiful piece. What better way to spend some settlement money?


Penny said...

That's a remote spot, even for someone in the right continent. But it will be lovely when it is done.

kate said...

so excited!!!!!!

Stace' said...

Wow!!! Amazing!!!

I'm off to hide these pitiful pieces I've been knitting. Ugh!

knititch said...

it is beautiful shan. is it starmore?

Shan said...

Yes, Alice Starmore's "Rheingold Wrap". I hadn't fully saved up for it, but I checked the website one day and half her stuff was sold out...they only had the one colourway left of this shawl, so it was now or never.

lizbon said...