Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ten Things I Like About You

1. You are very different than me.

2. You savour the small things.

3. You know what it's like to have loved - and lost.

4. You like lists.

5. You make me think in quotes.

6. You never forget my daughters.

7. You have sumptuous taste in yarn.

8. You don't have to have everything figured out.

9. You have an eye for beauty.

10. You surprise me.

Thank you.


lizbon said...

Oh sweetie, what a lovely post. Thank you. And I'm so glad you liked it.

Gwen said...

Oh, isn't that nice! What a lovely post.

kate said...

Aren't post surprises the best!?! And how cool for you to have made such a true friend over the wonderful wide web.

But you left out a crucial detail ... what is that beautiful yarn?!

Shan said...

Kate, the yarn is indescribable. But I shall describe it.

It's a single-ply, sport weight Icelandic wool, hand-dyed a colourway called "Tinkerbell's Wings". There are two 100g skeins, each containing 160 yards.

The web site for Jager Farm Icelandics is here.

Annalea said...

What a beautiful package, (I love red and purple together), and a wonderful way to say thank you. :o)

Plus, now I get to go peruse another new blog . . .

Tabatha said...

What a great package!
What a great friend!

*giggles like a teenager at the NYC Condoms*

Stace' said...

This is perfect!! Just the yarn I was wanting those socks to be made of.

You know, the ones you're just dying to knit???

Thanks Lizbon for sending us this yarn. You're a doll!

Shan said...

Oh you cheeky Stace.

Back. AWAY.

mel said...

What a wonderful thank you for such a lovely person & package!