Monday, January 15, 2007

A Girl With a Problem

All right Kate - I knew I wouldn't get away with that Malabrigo purchase, so I had this post ALL READY for when I got the comment I knew would come. See item 1, below.

I haven't yet shared with you my 2007 resolution. (Well, my "January to July" resolution - I figure that's as far as my stash will take me.) I have a little......well, a little situation I need to deal with. Here's the situation.

==Pause for a moment to reflect on the beautiful, sumptuous, dreamy sight before you==

But, the fact is that nobody needs that much yarn. There is enough here to support a couple of knitters, and I am only one moderately-productive knitter with two young children to look after (and in a single-income family, no less). So, I have imposed on myself a yarn moratorium. I plan to knit only from my stash for the next six or seven months, until I deal with some of the backlog, and until our finances allow me to shop once more. I will make exceptions, however, as outlined below.

1) I may buy yarn to make up quantities for current projects, if I know am going to run out.

2) I may buy yarn to knit things for other people - i.e., Christmas presents for Project HandMade Christmas 2007.

3) I may buy deeply discounted yarn for future projects, if I KNOW what I will be making with it, and if it is A MINIMUM of 30% off. Since yarn hardly ever goes on sale for those prices, I'm guessing I will not be availing myself of this loophole.

4) I may buy books, magazines, and needles as needed to help with the Stash Reduction Plan (SRP).

The SRP is effective immediately and will continue as long as possible.

What a drag.


Kate said...

I'm laughing so hard my cats are scared!
Your stash is dreamy....

Kate said...

oh yeah, and thanks for putting that song in my head.... and there ain't no cure...

ames said...

A girl can never have too much money, be too skinny, or have too much yarn. However, if it is causing you this much grief, just box it up and send it to your favorite sister-in-law.

Susan Hird said...

I've just had a look at my stash, and I'm not doing much better.......and I'm still searching for more yarn. OK, must take a leaf out of your book; well, maybe next year. hehe