Monday, April 06, 2009

You may now resurrect. I'm ready.

Okay, I'm done.

Remember when I mentioned before that I let my daughter choose the fabric for her Easter dress? Do you see why I called it a tactical error? It's Granny's couch, made into a dress.

I had to do something to tone down the Upholster Chic, so I bought some old-rose cotton and made a little inset for the front. I just took the pattern's front piece and drew a more-or-less arbitrary line in the middle of the chest, then cut that piece out of the contrast fabric, embellished it, and seamed it to the dress front.

I think the front inset really works here - it distracts the eye from the pure kitsch of the floral print.

Here's where I point out mistakes. Because I wouldn't want you to think I didn't know they are there.

1-The collar could use a press. There, on your left. See it? I shoulda done that before I took the photos.

2-The bias binding at the back neck is uneven. Just on the inside, but still. You can see it in that first photo, above.

3-The embroidery detail on the left and right collar does not match. I had to fiddle with the collar pieces to get the curve to work as I was stitching, and I didn't do it evenly. I should have basted myself a line to follow.....oh, how I should have basted.

4-One or two of the lines of embroidery on the inset are crooked. Again - basting will happen next time.

And the Successes:

1-matchy shoulder seams.

2-centred sleeve motifs

3-nicely-inserted zipper

So both Easter dresses are done a week ahead - I'm happy about that. Next sunny day I'll wrassle my kids into their frocks and take pictures - they are all about the grass and mud today, so best the dresses stay far, far away.

Very Easy Very Vogue 9462 with contrast inset, sleeve bands, and machine embellishment added by me
Size 4
100% (quilting) cotton

Next sewing thing I am trying to get finished is the quilt I showed you 'way back when - I'm handquilting only one block of this sucker, because I don't have the patience to do the entire thing. This is taking long enough as it is - by the time I get done I am going to be able to drive nails into solid wood using only the tip of my middle finger. I have a formidable seamstress' callus forming.

The handquilting:

And I'm hoping to have Fern knitted by this time next week. The button bands and weaving of ends will take probably another week after that.

Onward, my lovelies!


lizbon said...

WOW. (yes, I've been impressed into monosyllabia, which sounds like both a disease and something X-rated)

Tabatha said...

You are freakin' amazing.
I bow down to your amazing sewing skills.

Valerie said... are your own hardest critic. I wouldn't have picked any of those supposed "mistakes" out. The dress is lovely...your daughter is so lucky. Loved the grandma's couch reference.

Handquilting...I have an unfinished hand quilted quilt that I started in 1981. One of these days.....

Dave Hingsburger said...

OK, this is pretty. I went back over the picture to find the problems you outlined and was shocked, horrified even ... I couldn't find them. It's like that game in the bar where you have to find whats wrong in a picture with the clock ticking down ... can't wait to see Fern done.

bethro said...

That is so gorgeous. Your daughter is very hip. There are about a billion (skinny) Bay Area bloggers who would want to shove themselves into a grown up-sized version of that. Although I completely understand the need to show your errors, I assure you the rest of the world won't notice those.

Gwen said...

Wow, your cool machine was definitely worth the $$$. I really like those fancy stitches.

Emily said...

Oh that's cute! I don't think the fabric is THAT upholsterrific. And the embroidery details are super-pretty. Good job!

Rona said...

Shannon your skills are an absolute marvel to me! I just can't get enough of it... the dresses are both beautiful! (granny couch fabric or not :) The quilt, well I told you when you showed me it at your place, love, love, love. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Ssejors said...

SHAN! THAT'S FABULOUS! You are the only one who would notice any imperfections. It's stunning. and the Sofa chic "kitsch" is part of it's charm. I love it. Well done with the embellishing! And I'm with Dave. I can't see the mistakes. I'm also looking forward to Fern! Where do you have the time for all this. I'm Totally Green!

<3 Ssejors the Green

kate said...

That title is delightfully irreverent. Delightfully.

The dress is, of course, fabulous. Naturally, being made by you ;-)

Rachel said...

First, I'd have to agree with Kate about the eyebrow was raised.

Second...totally and completely impressed by your sewing skills. That insert, collar, and, embroidery are amazing...definitely turned the couch into a pretty Easter dress!

Annalea said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

This week, my craftiness extends only to modifying our backyard fence to keep the cats in. lol

Gwen said...

Ohhhhhhhhkay, it's April 15 and I finally get the title. Nice one.