Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Camel's Back

That's a possessive - as in 'straw' - not a contraction, as in 'welcome back, camel'.

No more words. No time. Only captions. Enjoy.

Sorting. Far left - washed & drying. Centre - picked ready to be washed. Far right - waiting to be picked. Bottom - compost.

Shetland rolags - tricolour foreground, white (faun?) behind.

White Shetland locks washed and ready for carding. Quite a bit of feed contamination in this fleece.
The Romney is all carded - 139 rolags altogether. (Disappointed with the amount of second-cut in this fleece. Wish I hadn't paid $2.50/oz for it. Got robbed.) Divided them in half, spun one half in 24 hours, using my newly-acquired spinning technique which is SO FAST and which everyone should know. I love it. I want to marry it.
Romney Bobbin love, up close. English Woollen Longdraw, Be Mine.
Comin' to the end. I'll be happy to see the back of this one.
Cheeky. If only it were that easy.
Oh, and.....what the heck was I supposed to be doing? Oh, yeah - de-ignoranting my children. This is Science.


Gena said...

Those heart buttons are so sweet!

carlarey said...

de-ignoranting - that's the greatest word ever.

bethro said...

You are a fiber-making maniac. And you homeschool. Do you sleep?

Annalea said...


Ha! Love it.

Imho, fleece prep falls under all kinds of de-ignoranting. Washing fleece is chemistry (acid + base = water + salt), drying in the sun is a lesson on evaporation & the states of matter (physical science), learning how to prep fiber is history, and I'm sure there are others in there I can't think of right now. ;o)

Rona said...

Love all of the pics Shannon!

The fleece, bobbins and Fern oh so loverly!

Kristine said...

that is one sexy spinning technique.

kate said...

You make me laugh. Thank you for that.

Gwen said...

Neat science work. I'm email you the rest of our worksheets.

Anonymous said...

aw i love the stripy sweater with the heart buttons!
but isn't it summer, Shan? what do you knit in the summer? :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

we have decided that you are quite simply a brilliant artist ...

Shan said...

Well thank y'all so very much!

Bethro - No. I don't sleep.

Annalea - don't think I'm not including this in our portfolio submissions!

Night Owl - one word: lace.

Dave - thank you! (she said, startled)

Tabatha said...

Seriously Shannon, you are so cool. You spun sheep fluff into yarn and then you knit that yarn. You are so awesome.

Fern look great! Good job!

lizbon said...

She blinded me with Science!