Sunday, April 05, 2009

Doncha wish your teachers were stocked like me?

My sister said if I was having trouble coming up with blog fodder I should post something about homeschooling. Since I love it when people post pictures of their books, here is my main school book shelf (can't decide whether to type "school-book shelf" or "school bookshelf").

You see before you everything a Grade Two kid needs to know. Actually considerably more than a Grade Two kid needs to know, counting the other books that are here and there around the place, and the separate shelf of A/V stuff - DVDs and audiobooks. I figure we are set for a few years, barring the odd workbook and some different math texts.


I can see that this poor little $70 Canadian Tire particle-board jobbie is having trouble coping with the Science and Socials. I think some actual wood might be in order for next year.

My friend, a primary teacher, laments the tendency of the lazy homeschool parent to simply "throw the book at the kid". I would contend that it mostly depends on which book and how many.


bethro said...

Homeschooling is something I admire and think I wouldn't have the patience for. Hats off to those of you who do it. May your bookshelf and your wine glass remain full without breaking.

Ames said...

I agree, Shan. Throwing books, especially several, thicker, hard bounds, at ones offspring is quite a workout and not at all an indication of laziness.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time to me. My kids are now grown and remember their homeschooling days fondly. One of the girls is now running a children's section at a B&N and tells me I am locally famous. The sheer number of books which she reports that her mother read to her when she was a child impresses them.

lizbon said...

I like school-book shelf.

And wowza, it looks like you're raising some well-educated daughters.

carlarey said...

Wow, do I have respect for a parent home schools with a vengeance. The only things I have managed to teach my kid is an encyclopedic knowledge of old school rap, and how to cuss in several languages.

kate said...

Ha, Ames made me laugh!

And you owe me for putting that blasted song in my head.

Nice books, though.

Gwen said...

mmmm... all those Usborne books have me feeling dizzy. I wish we lived closer together so we could borrow from each other.

Ssejors said...

Wow you have a bigger Library than my elementary school did!


Are you saying.. that you spin, Knit like you invented it, Sew like you perfected it, AND NOW, You are saying you homeschool your girls?


Annalea said...

"I would contend that it mostly depends on which book and how many."

Amen! lol