Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"We're all just children when our mothers die."
-Father Milia, Lilies

My friend Sandy, who (you may remember) was diagnosed with cancer in August 2007, lost her mother yesterday. It was sudden, shocking - late complications from a surgery that seemed to go perfectly well at the time.

I was up late knitting and thinking, but as philosophical as my thoughts were I can share none of them with you. I don't have the heart to.

Remember Sandy and her family today if you can, and for God's sake go hug your mum.


Gwen said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. She'll be in my prayers.

kate said...


My heart goes out to you, Sandy. Take care.

lizbon said...

Oh I'm so sorry (too, since I see that Gwen has used the same words). Will you please tell Sandy I'm sorry, and any other little sympathetic noises that come to mind?

mel said...

*tears* I am so sorry for your friend. I think it must be such a different experience for everyone, but damn if that quote isn't the truth.

swoon said...

dear Shannon,

My comfort is to remember that God is taking care of all of us especially the sick, poor and week.

Sermon on the mount

Gods will all-ways take care of us live and died.

Love paul

Annalea said...

I never know what to say. The usual words at a time like this just seem so thin--even when they're offered genuinely. I will most definitely pray, as the peace from God is so much better than words of mine; a complete stranger.

And I'm going to call my mom.