Saturday, September 01, 2007

for you

which part is the part that knows
that feels, is aware,
inhabits the muddy shell and shows the rest
that I am here, for now among the shoddy living
making my way and scurrying back when I find
I’ve been down this avenue before
I remember, it goes nowhere

within is the greater part I suppose
I hope
it transcends I think or is meant to although
the flesh that binds me here
has its own power, own devices

and cleverly cunning with a smirk
this corrupt vessel of earth has craftily hidden
and in secret and darkness
lovingly shaped through five long years
a monstrous pearl.



lizbon said...

That's a beautiful poem. Love the last line. Who wrote it?

Kate said...

I'm guessing Shan did.

Sandy said...

Oozing tears. Would be sobbing, but the kids are near. The deluge looms - hope you're near, then. Love you.

Sandy said...

4:40 a.m.? Oh Shan.

karen said...

Read this three times Shan - you know what it's like when you drink your second glass of wine quite quickly, after your first, and it seems seeps into your every crevice and you feel it to your fingertips(?) - that is how this felt.....

Natalie said...

Speechless, and deeply moved.

Sue H said...

WOW, incredible. So profound.