Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm seeing black dots - is that normal?

Oh. My.



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Lesley said...

ummm, definitely NOT! I hope you can get that checked out soon!

Lesley :)

Carolyn said...

If you're knitting polka dots, yes.

If not, well, keep us posted and listen to Lesley. Do they float around? My mom has 'floaters' from debris in her eye. When she bumps her head, the debris floats around annoyingly. (If your vision starts disappearing from the bottom up, get it checked out Very fast. Mom's debris came from a macular detachment.)

kate said...

I'm assuming you have pre-ordered? And will be checking the days off on the calendar until the August publication date?

Cynthia said...

Yes, pretty cool, isn't it? But do you have Ann Feitelson's Fair Isle book? If not, buy it right now. It might be better than Starmore's, even.

karen said...

Please,Please let me know when you are going to order and I will order at the same time.... hope that I am not too late..... this is quite wonderful - if we order together we can save on shipping!! Leaves some extra pennies for more wool ...let me know!!!