Thursday, September 18, 2008

Listening In

From the living room:

CHARLOTTE: [playing] Daddy, my doll is buying her first horse! And it's only thirty-five dollars! What should she name it?

MR HSB: [pauses] Elmer's.



Ames said...

That is hilarious. I never realized how funny Mr. HSB is until our last visit.

Kristine said...


It's awful, and I love it!

Jo said...

Naughty Daddy!

Stace' said...

Ohhh, I like Mr. HSB!

kate said...

Snort. Almost fell off my chair on that one.

lizbon said...

Oh, the subtext! The subtext!

Charlotte's subtext: Daddy, it's time to buy me a horse. It's not that expensive:

Daddy: No way in the shade, sweetie.

Gwen said...

TOO funny. how did I miss this post?!