Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Drop and give me 20

Thanks to Juno, my armpits hurt but I feel a little better about myself.

I can do twenty pushups - proper ones, that is. I did the initial test on the One Hundred Push-ups challenge, and was moderately pleased with the results, provided I don't compare them to how many I USED to be able to do, back in my rowing days.

Anyway, I am curious as to whether I could, indeed, be doing 100 pushups in five weeks, so I think I'll give it a go. Also, belly dance starts up tonight, and I am in woefully poor shape after this very indolent summer. Not to mention I have to find something to replace biking, since I can't replace my bike.

So how many can you do? C'mon, you know you don't want to let me win.


Jo said...

Shan, I'm bowing out of this one. After Willow I ended up with 38G. This is not conducive to push-upping.

Good luck!

Kristine said...


Shut up.

I did an hour's worth of yoga last night, though, and actually did a full side-plank on both sides for several seconds.

But yeah.

Push-ups and me? No agreeing.

Gena said...

I was doing this before I hurt my back! Need to get back on it. I got to week 3 and my last rep to max was 45, I think. No idea how many I could do now...maybe 40 or so.

Ames said...

One. . .on a good day. Pathetic, I know, but I have started working on that. Although, if you cannot even do one, where do you start?

Shan said...

If you can't do one, you start with one of the less difficult pushups: there are about four styles given. The easiest is standing, with your hands on a wall, and they progress from there to full-on boot camp style (but not as far as GI Jane one-arm awesomeness).

Annalea said...


And that's the downward-half.

Last week, MissE (6) asked me what a push-up was. So, I drew her some pictures and explained, hoping to not have to try to show her. lol Didn't work.

So, I demonstrated how to start in the up position and go down . . . and tried in vain to push back up . . . and felt my entire upper back do something nasty.

Now, about five days later, the soreness and stiffness is almost gone. Once I drop ~40 pounds, I'll get back to you. ;o)

kate said...

12 full form without stopping, although I can recover quickly and do ten more after a breath. But they said consecutive, so 12 it is.

I have no problem letting your clydesdale strength get the better of me :-)

Anna said...

7. I'm going to try the fist version, though, because regular push-ups bother the wrists.

lizbon said...

I am not allowed to do push-ups because I intimidate everyone else who's doing them. (Actually, it's 'cause I have a fracked-up rotator cuff)

But does cycling 35 miles to the beach and back count?