Saturday, September 15, 2007


Mum, Ox, Ames, Polite Lurkers: Beware. Extreme Rudeness Ahead.

Okay, sorry it has been a while. A few things happened -- a bit of fall cleaning, some cleaning-induced depression, ruminations on the meaning (or lack of meaning) of life, the start of school (my daughter is in Grade One at Ye Olde Homeschool) and a bit of knitting. It kept me busy.

Progress on the blanket. I am on ball 11 of 19, but I won't be knitting the whole 19 because the yardage is taking me farther than I thought it would.

But I have slowed down drastically on the blanket. Because of this.

Note the tensor. I'm not sure how I have ended up with a wrist injury. It wasn't from the knitting. I do vaguely recall letting Emily swing from my hand on the way to the library, and thinking at the time, "yowch." Obviously it was worse than I thought -- bad enough to keep me awake nights.

I've had to take a rest from knitting the heavy blanket. And you can see how I feel about the whole state of affairs, as evidenced by my rude hand gesture (I am flipping off Life, if you're wondering) and my expression. This is a slight departure from my usual sunny radiance (again, if you're wondering).

I have just realized that this is the first picture of me you have seen on my blog. An interesting choice for an introduction, really.

I have also just realized this must be the face that Charlotte calls "Scary Mummy".


Sandy said...

Oh yeah... that's scary Mummy alright. I know because I felt that very expression on my face when I returned from our little jaunt this afternoon to face my vomitous mess of a house. Note to self: when purchasing organizational aids (such as storage bins) never buy just two - you always need at least SIX to scoop up the entrails when you have gutted your house, but have no energy left to throw the offal to the dogs (or the thrift store.) Sigh.

Kate said...

I'm scared.
As an aside, that shirt is gorgeous on you. You totally suit the sexy, tough b**ch genre -- I could see boys hanging that picture as a poster in their rooms.
Truly sorry to hear about the wrist. Life deserves at least the bird right now, eh?

Kris said...

LOL at the scary Mummy! That face is ever so useful in many situations.

I know how you feel about the wrist injury - I have chronic tendonitis in my right wrist. The two things that set it off? Using a computer and knitting.

Gwen said...

Ahhhhh.... that's the face I know and love.

Kit said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Resting it is frustrating but important. And congratulations to the small person on beginning first grade, as well as congratulations to you for keeping her alive this long.

Ames said...

I had several thoughts as I read this post and since, I cannot combine them into one cohesive comment, I will list them separately.

1. How sweet of Shan to warn me, of the impending "rudeness". And, by name nonetheless.

2. Gee, I hope I do not make Shan angry.

3. Three what an interesting juxtaposition the two photos make.

4. I wish I could have Shan over for a cup of tea, or something.

and, lastly:

5. Are you taking your remedies, dear?

Trev said...

I may just use that picture as my wallpaper - a perfect melding of facial expression, posture and evocative physical gesturing. Brilliant!


Ames: Shan may need something a little stronger than tea...

lizbon said...

Right there with ya babe, at least I was on Sat., after an unbelievably prolonged altercation with a rich woman who'd very nearly run over one of my companions and then pursued us ten blocks (and into a subway) yelling at the top of her lungs at both us and the police on her cell phone because - get this - the guy she'd nearly run over had slapped the hood of her car to alert her to his presence. And yes, we were crossing on a walk signal, and she was running a red light, and driving with her head turned all the way around to the back seat talking to her passengers.

I think rich people are the very least civilized of all people.

Ames said...

Trev, I do believe you are right.

Shan, will add a little "courage" to said cup of tea.

Shan said...

Ames I would love a cup of tea, liberally augmented with both Amaretto and Grand Marnier.

I have taken my remedies. Trust me: what you see there is the improved attitude.

Upon reflection I could well have called this entry "This Time, It's Personal."

Jo said...

Ooh...! I have a scary mummy face, too. It usually involves we glaring at Willow with one eyebrow raised. Sorry to hear about the injury - I hope it feels better soon. The blanket looks gorgeous!

Gena said...

Yikes! As a sufferer of carpal tunnel, I feel your wrist pain. It sucks. I can understand why your more pissed, what with the reasoning behind the big green knitting. Just give it a bit of a rest, and some Aleve, and it will feel better soon.

uberstrickenfrau said...

If mama ain't happy-ain't nobody happy.
Awww, I still think your the cat's meow- a PG-13 meow.

Tabatha said...

Oh dear, if that is scary mommy face than I must have extremely frightening mommy face. I probably shouldn't have told you that - you might never let me meet your children.

The blanket is beautiful.

I am glad to hear that some one else suffers from cleaning induced depression. Most of my friends feel good after a big clean up. Me, I usually need some kind of pick me up afterwards.

I hope your wrist heals quickly.

amanda said...

Hope your wrist heals up quickly! Sorry about the crappy situation.

Thanks for the picture - it's nice to put a face with a name!

Anna said...

All I can say is, "You go, girl." (And that wellness blanket is absolutely kick-ass.)

gail said...

Scary face, scary wrist. Sad mommy.

Sue H said...

Poor Shan, I know just what you are going through. It's not usually my wrists that give me trouble, but my shoulders, and that make knitting anything heavier that a sock or dish cloth almost impossible.
Scary face? More like defiant, and still beautiful.