Thursday, September 06, 2007

For Cripes' Sake Lighten Up Already.

All right, I will do this meme although I usually have a strict "DON'T EVEN" policy about the list-type ones. My sister did this the other day and it made me laugh. But there will be no stinking tagging.

Three things I fear:
1. Religious extremists
2. Widowhood
3. MVAs

Three people who make me laugh:
1. Mr. HalfSoledBoots
2. Emily
3. Joss Whedon

Three things I love:
1. Hot glue
2. BC Ferries
3. Dumbek drumming

Three things I don't like:
1. Conformity
2. Telephone solicitation
3. The fashion industry

Three things I don't understand:
1. Mortgages
2. Lip discs
3. My brother

Three things on my desk
1. Tape measure
2. Bunny hand puppet
3. Orange Blossom cookies

Three things I am doing right now:
1. Nursing my child to sleep
2. Rubbing my feet together (I have done this when I get in bed ever since I can remember.)
3. Debating retrieving my secret Mars Bar from the tea caddy where I stashed it last weekend

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Learn tai chi
2. See a strip show
3. Sail

Three things I can do:
1. Raise a sardonic eyebrow
2. Keep a secret
3. Row a boat

Three things I can’t do:
1. Keep house
2. Diet
3. Use a power drill

Three things you should listen to:
1. Your conscience
2. David Suzuki
3. Our Lady Peace

Three things you should never listen to:
1. Naysayers
2. The American president
3. Whining

Three shows I watched as a kid:
1. Cover Up
2. Greatest American Hero
3. Simon and Simon

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?


kate said...

I rub my feet too!!! Seriously, Mr.Kate thinks I'm nuts.
Geez, I'm always learning so much about you. You truly fascinate me,dude :)

Jo said...

MVAs? Music Video Awards? I will have to do this one as well...

Shan said...

Sorry, I was unclear - that would be the Motor Vehicle Accident.

lizbon said...

That was hilarious. Especially the hot glue. And - this is eerie - I do that feet thing when I get in bed, too. Boywich hated it.

Ahem, I think we can take care of the strip show when you come to visit (if you really want to). I can teach you how to work a power drill if you'll teach me how to row a boat. I can paddle canoes and kayaks very well, but oarlocks mystify me.

Shan said...

You know what? It makes sense we all do that feet thing - it feels so damn good I bet it has something to do with reflexology.

Trev said...

Three things you should never listen to:
1. Naysayers
2. The American president
3. Whining
I read 1 and 2, but where's 3?

uberstrickenfrau said...

Joss is the guy who did Firefly,right? 'Cus if so, I likey him too. The 'book' you were on that quiz, thats the one my daughter came up with. I thought it nailed her pretty good, you too. I might steal your meme thingy for blog fodder.I'm reduced to gushing about famous idiots.

Tabatha said...

1. Believe it or not,
I'm walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free-.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me.

2. You don't know how much I adore that you hide candy bars too.

3. Who understands brothers?