Monday, January 15, 2007

St Brigid, in Progress

St Brigid is coming along - I finished the first sleeve and "basted" it into the sweater with a long 3.00mm circular to check the fit. I find the sleeve a tiny bit short, but I couldn't lengthen it because of the pattern repeat. I had just ended one repeat, so if I started another one the sleeve would have been 3 inches too long instead of .5" too short. I figure I can block the extra length into the sleeve during assembly.

I started to get the feeling I was going to run out of yarn. I had one ball-and-a-bit left, with one sleeve and the collar to go. I weighed the sleeve and discovered it took 125 grams of yarn. I had 155 grams left, with the collar still to knit, and the sewing-up to do.

"Hey, kids - wanna come to Quadra today?" We were off to Fun Knits on Saturday afternoon, where I found one last lonely ball of my yarn left in the store. The dye lots matched - it was serendipitous. I also picked up a fourth ball of Malabrigo Hollyhock, so I wouldn't run out of THAT when it comes time to knit up.

I'm about done with this sweater. I'm getting bored of knitting the same repeats of the same charts over and over. It has become a matter of powering through...sticking with it until it's finished. I really want to wear this sucker. But it's close - REALLY close. Observe:

The colour is completely inaccurate, but using the flash obscured the cables too much.


Kate said...

Soooo close and so beautiful!! Can't wait to see it.
And more Malabrigo? Wait.... wasn't there something about no buying ....? :)

ames said...


karen said...

Wow, a work of Art - I cannot wait to see you wearing it - perhaps if you block on Monday - you could wear on Wednesday???