Friday, January 19, 2007

A Gallery of Wristwarmers

Over at Yarn Harlot today, there is a lot of discussion about wristing (that is, knitting wristwarmers), both freestyle and with a pattern. I thought, since I don't quite have an FO to show you this week, I'd finally get around to uploading some pictures of last year's gauntlet collection. Maybe I can dazzle you with pictures and you won't notice I haven't got St Brigid for you yet. (The knitting and 90% of the seaming is finished, by the way - but I think it's going to need an aggressive blocking after all. Maybe I'll have some pictures by Monday.)

On to the wristers. I started knitting these about a year ago, with the DROPS Alpaca I bought with my Christmas money. The first pair I knit were these:

...fingering weight alpaca, knit on 2.75mm needles at 25 sts/10 cm.

Then came these, same yarn, same book (Garnstudio 86), my first attempt at stranded knitting:

These are one of my favourite pairs ever. Two strands of yarn = SO warm. They're a bit big - I have learned that, to be comfortable for me, gauntlets need to be fairly snug.

Then I took it upon myself to invent these for my friend, using a leaf lace pattern from Knitting on the Edge, then picking up and ribbing down the wrist. I love how these turned out. Check the cute little buttons on the inside:

I loved "Mrs Beeton" when I first saw it, and cast on right away. Made these:

and will definitely make another pair soon.

Anyway, by Monday I hope to have St Brigid finished and blocked - though who knows how long it will take to dry. Maybe I'll get a couple of pre-blocking pictures so you get the idea...I can't WAIT to wear this sweater.

'Kay dudes, hope you liked the gallery of gauntlets. This has actually inspired me to start another pair, that I've been planning for a while. So, all I have to do is finish the Albatross and I can cast on. Yeah baby.


Gwen said...

Pretty! I like the patterny ones, though I admit I'd be waiting for the rest of the sweater if they were mine. I know this isn't the point of your pictures, but nice manicure, too.

Kate said...

Love the wristers -- I do need to make myself some, you have inspired me! Cool idea to show all the variety.
Gwen's right, your nails look lovely.
I shall find some way to wait out the St. Brigid reveal ...

Shan said...

Glad you like my dishwater grooming regimen. And the Scotchbrite pad does a great job sloughing off the dead skin. All you need is a bit of Zincofax applied during a diaper change, and it's as good as a spa.

Heavily dripping sarcasm.

Lena said...

Those are all gorgeous, however, I love the first pair. I want some!