Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lacy Scallops

I thought it was time I posted on the Sock du Jour. Sockbug's Lacy Scallops pattern, in Fleece Artist 100% merino, 9 sts/inch on 2.25 mm Susan Bates circulars.

The colour isn't really accurate in this photo, but it's the same yarn that you can see here, and I actually like the way it's knitting up in the lace pattern. I know the pattern is obscured by the variegation, but the colours are so pretty that it really doesn't matter. At least they are not striping (the horror). I am actually quite a bit further on than this photo shows - I have turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches - but the light isn't great for photos right now. I might wait til I have the whole first sock done, then post.

I know I kept saying that Bayerische and Chuck's Cabled Socks were next on my list, but I just haven't had the courage to start them. They both involve cabling, and Eunny Says that they should be done without a cable needle for speed. This terrifies me because I just can't get cabling without the cable needle. Every single time I try it, the temporarily-dropped stitches ladder down immediately, and I am left cursing and madly picking up with my spare 2 mm, trying to reconstruct the cables I've dropped off. I can do okay when the stitches are held (or, in this case, NOT held) in the front, but the back seems to be particularly troublesome. I don't know if I'm too tight a knitter to do this, or what.

But look how pretty the Mac Socker's Bayerische sock is:

It's tempting. Should I just do it with a cable needle, and commit to spending the next two years of my knitting life staring at the chart, painstakingly crossing stitch after stitch? I dunno.


Kate said...

I'd be tempted to hang them as wall art if I did all that work ... but what a sense of accomplishment it would be.
Great group tonight ... we were all so industrious!

karen said...

Ok Shannon, now I KNOW why you want to knit BAYERSCHE(THE socks of the century) - go ahead use a cable needle - just to have the finished product would be worth it - even if it does take 10 years!! Soooo glad you enjoyed the cheesecake - it is a very necessary part of our diet - on occasion! Birthdays meet the criteria!I finally discovered why I couldn't get your blog to come up - yahoo would not bring it up - but google was all over it instantly!! so I learn....great the other nite - actually got something accomplished - very satisfying - see you on Tuesday