Thursday, October 19, 2006

And of course I'd like to thank the Academy.

Everyone knows that I love having my birthday. I always look forward to it, and make sure that everyone knows it's coming up, so they can wish me a Happy Birthday (I know - it seems childish now that I've said it out loud). All my friends are so wonderful, they phone me on my birthday, send me cards, bring me cake. Yes, even sometimes presents! Look at the beautiful thoughtful things my fabulous friends gave me.

These are handknit dishcloths. Observe the Log Cabin pattern... Log Cabin, people. Thank you Kate! (There was also chocolate, but no picture is available, unless I go get an X-ray.)

Christmas ornaments. You may laugh, but this girl gets me, you know? Thank you Sandy!

Some pretty, pendulous cuttings from what must be a beautiful plant, in a to-die-for vintage-style pot-bellied vase. Thank you Kendra!

There was also a voluptuous siren of a cheesecake...also gone. Thank you Karen.

-- Sigh of Contentment --

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Kate said...

So glad you liked them -- only the best for you :)