Monday, October 16, 2006

In Which the Blogger Turns 33

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me-e-e-e-e...

Happy Birthday to me!

I just turned 33 five minutes ago. So far things seem basically the same.

I have made a birthday resolution to try to go to bed early, so I'll be off now. This is definitely the year I beat insomnia...I can feel it. More later today on my newest FO, and maybe a bit of whatever else I can rustle up. (I'm thinking of a movie review...we'll see how it goes.)

G'night, dolls - next time you see me, a little cake wouldn't go unappreciated.

(Speaking of cake, Kate, should I host Stitch and Bitch this week? Or is it The Other K's turn?)


Gwen said...

Hippy Pappy! I put my post in my blog before I looked at yours, honestly! I didn't think you'd be up yet, but you snuck in there last night while I was sleeping. Have a wonderful day!!! I love you!!!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Shan, Happy Birthday to you!!

I hope you have a fantabulous day, you young thing you.

No one else has spoken up, so if you would like to host sounds good to me. Send the gang an email...

Kate said...

should have added, but cake will be provided even if you host.