Friday, October 27, 2006

I can dream, can't I?

I am thinking about setting up a donation button so I can buy this:

Oh Yeah Baby

Now my dark secret is out. I'm a die hard Slayer Scooby.


Kate said...

The counter is there to torture your fellow knitters, yes? Let me get past the very cool wizard cape I'm making A for Halloween, and then I'll count along with you :)

Shan said...

Not at all - the counter is there simply to bring me joy.

The only thing I love more than Buffy is Christmas.

Kate said...

I admit, sarcasm aside, I also love Christmas. I just want time to slow down a little, as it seems to go too fast these days. Seeing how close we are to Christmas again makes me wonder where the year went. I am thankful that this year is still going to be a Christmas-time full of wonder in our house, as A is still enthralled by the true magic.