Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Do Love the Mail

The best part about ordering online is when your package finally arrives. This little beauty came yesterday, causing a definite frisson of excitement:

I had to hold my children back from the box until I got a picture of it, by the way - getting boxes in the mail is a huge highlight for them, even if it IS just yarn and needles.

Most of what's here is for a friend, but I did get two balls for swatching Eris: the Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran, and the Peruvian Highland Wool. The CSA is a definite NO right out of the box: way too inelastic. The sample garment on Elann, and in other Debbie Bliss photos I've seen, is a heavily cabled cardigan, which encouraged me to give it a try despite the fiber content. But there's no way I can knit a cabled sweater with this yarn - my hands couldn't take it. It's like rope. But the yarn isn't a dead loss: I've got just enough for a little pair of wristers or something.

The Highland Wool is looking suspiciously familiar. In fact, it was separated at birth from Paton's Classic Merino, which regular readers will recognize as my True Medium. (I've said this often enough to warrant capitalizing it.) The Classic may actually be softer. I have yet to swatch the Highland Wool though, so differences may arise when I get it knitted up. It looks like it has a slightly looser spin, so probably a bit more pilling will occur. We'll see.

I also received my new Addi DPNs. Are you ready for this? 1.75mm. It makes my previously-tiny 2mms look like broomsticks.

And still, I feel I should have gone for the 1.5mm set. These needles are for something special, but something secret. After Christmas, all will be revealed.

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Kate said...

I can't believe the difference in size in those needles. Amazing one size down.
The Quecheua will make an appearance tonight. Haven't done the silk blend yet, maybe swatch it this afternoon.
Thanks again for sharing box space :)