Monday, December 03, 2012

Hang spring cleaning!

The love I have for The Wind in the Willows cannot be overstated. I can't begin to guess how many times I've read it, and it still makes me laugh right out loud, and then makes me tear up and sniffle like a little boy.

My children love this book too, especially the younger, who can't get enough of little animals in velvet waistcoats acting like humans in all seriousness: she is completely dedicated to the entire Beatrix Potter oeuvre, as well.

Several times people have tried to adapt Wind In The Willows to film, with varying degrees of success. And normally I don't really hold with adaptations, only because people feel that, once they've seen It, they know all about It and don't need to read It. But this one is really, really good - so funny - and you should try it sometime this winter (it's a perfect winter movie - also it's a perfect summer movie). But you do have to give it a chance - the makeup can be a little startling at first, but once you enter into the spirit of the thing it's universally charming. The intervention scene, when Toad repents of his motorcar behaviour, is hilarious.

A little preview!


Kate said...

Wind in the Willows is one of our favourites as well. We saw a great pantomime of it at the Sid Williams in Courtenay. The other week there was a documentary on about Kenneth Grahame and this book. Very interesting indeed.

Shan said...

Oh, shame I missed the doc! I'd have loved to see that.

Gwen said...

Oh, I have never even thought about watching a movie of it -- and if I'd thought about it, I would have immediately scoffed. But I very much enjoyed this clip. I think I'll search it out and watch it! Thanks for posting this!