Monday, December 17, 2012

Displayable Knitting

I have knit quite a few things this fall, but can show hardly any of them. THESE, though, are a present for ME, so you get to see!

I even put them under the tree.

Last spring my friend came to visit for the weekend, and brought me three balls of yarn from her recent trip to Iceland. "Direct from the factory!" she said.

With three balls of sock yarn, the possibilities are nearly endless, but I opted for a simple toe-up knee sock, with a little teeny yarn-over rib. They're knee socks, but I like wearing them scrunched up.

80% Icelandic wool, 20% nylon
About 10 sts per inch on 2.25mm needles. (I used 120 cm long Addi Turbos)
Using a long circular and magic-looping, cast on 12 stitches using figure-8 cast-on. Do half your increases each end of both needles EVERY ROUND, then the other half of your increases every OTHER round until you get to 72. Knit until it's just at the start of your heel, then do a short-row heel. As soon as that's done, start your pattern stitch for the leg. Which is:
Row 1: k4, p1, yo, k2tog, p1, repeat to end.
Row 2, 3 and 4: knit all knits and purl all purls.
Row 5: k4, p1, ssk, yo, p1, repeat to end.
Row 6, 7, and 8: knit all knits and purl all purls.
Repeat rows 1 to 8 until it's long enough to reach nearly to the widest part of your calf.
Switch to 2:1 rib. (k2, p1)
Knit til ball runs out (save a couple of meters for a cast-off), and bind off loosely in pattern.

I ended up with 25 yarn-overs in total, in each column.

These socks aren't warm - they are HOT. Icelandic sheep are not kidding around.

Thanks so much, Beth Anne! Love you. (And I still have a whole ball left to make mittens!)


Dave Hingsburger said...

In the first picture there is a box or a plaque or something with writing behind your feet. My mind finished the words and it looked like you were confessing to the world 'Ive Sinned' ... In the next picture I could see there were more words so I didn't want to enlarge it to see what it really said ... I'm sticking with the first reading!

Shan said...

Dave, don't read this comment if you don't want to know what it really says.......

It's an ornament storage box with "Live Simply" on it.

Your idea is better though!

Carolyn said...

Pretty! Lovely use of the yarn.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Shannon, that makes sense, having a confession under the Christmas tree would just be a wee bit weird! Anyways, it made me laugh.