Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Growth - with photos.

Origami beads, strung with Czech glass (and yes, the odd plastic) for a friend.

Cap Shawl update - I'm on round 153 of 163. Once the main body is finished, I shall have the pleasure of knitting the attached border.

Stripey socks news: a disaster befell me while I was riding to knitting a few weeks ago. Due to a combination of careless sock-stowage and winds generated by incredible, super-human speeds, my sock-in-progress, along with its Addi Turbo, got sucked into the pedal thingy. Like, the place where the pedal is attached to the bike. The entire shooting match was wrapped so tightly around the pedal thingy (help me out here, Lizbon) that I had to cut the yarn free, and now my Addi Turbo is permanently kinked in several places. Dirty grease is immovably ground into the leg of the sock. And I have lost my mojo.

But look how good my dinner was.

Baby Yukon Golds, olive oil, butter, rosemary from my garden, Maldon salt and cracked pepper.

Pink hardy geraniums, and my first ever stargazer (I think that's what it is).

Chives, a very pretty plant that also provides highly popular bee and butterfly habitat. These are unbelievably hardy, fast growing, and you can cut them down after their first bloom to get a second one later in the summer. Hummingbirds love them too.

And with all this stitching, knitting, cooking and weeding, some things are bound to take a backseat.

(Hi, knititch!)


Gwen said...

What a lovely picture-y post! I. Love. Those. Origami beads. I'm a sucker for paper lanterns, paper beads, etc. Well done Shanny!

lizbon said...

Cranks, darling, your lovely yarn got wrapped around the cranks.

To which I might add, oh dear!

Lovely pics. I am particularly in love with the origami beads. Will you teach me how?

clumsy ox said...

mmmm... oily potatoes.

Love the look of those chives. Think I'll have to plant some next year.

Shan said...

You know, I almost said "cranks" but then I thought "better to be silent than to speak up and show my ignorance." Not that "pedal thingy" sounded particularly intelligent.

I'd show you more about the origami but sadly it's already been given away. I've got more paper though so one of these days I can maybe do a step-by-step post.

And thanks, Gwen!

Rachel said...

The Origami beads look great! Yesterday I learned of a new book, today I learned a new tip. Did not know you could cut chives and have them rebloom. Must try that.

kate said...

Chives make great cut flowers, as they last a long time.

Love love love the origami beads.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh you cruel, cruel, wench of a girl! We are sitting in a hotel room with a raft of takeout menus surrounding us ... will it be pizza, will it be chinese, will it be just a beer with chips? Then we come to your blog - and see potatoes, spuds, pomme-d-terre and our hearts collectively break. I'm not sure but by the look of my laptop, I think Joe licked the screen. Food porn indeed.

Gena said...

I don't care if I did just eat breakfast. I want those potatoes right now!

I love the origami beads. So cute!

Tabatha said...

I love all the bits in this post. The wonderful origami beads, the flowers, the potatoes and the mess. LOVE IT!!

I would love a step by step on how to make those beads.

Umm...let's get together soon!

Shan said...

Dave, you crack me up. Yes, the spuds were All That And More. There were a few left over in the fridge the next morning and I fried 'em up with some herby scrambled eggs and had toast and coffee.....aaaah, life is good.

knititch said...

oh i adore that desk. and the origami as well but for very different reasons. and the food and the shawl.

Shan said...

By the way I am wrong about the chives. You can't cut 'em down - you have to pull 'em up, and prefereably before the flowers are fading. If you pull up the whole chive, the plant continues to put up new ones.