Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Somebody does WIP it Wednesday....maybe Jo? Anyway, here are some WIPs (WIP = Work in Progress).

The centre of the Cap Shawl is almost complete. The rounds are now 738 stitches long so one round takes a fair bit of time, especially now that I've got these six purl rows to do. Purling doesn't feel any slower to me, but when I look at the clock I can tell it is. It takes me almost half an hour to do a round on this, at the moment.

Lace in progress is pretty boring stuff to look at, which is why I've spared you too many progress shots. There you have it, though: round 170 of 172. Feels like these next 2.5 rounds will take for-freaking-ever. (Aside: thank you Megan for formally introducing me, all those years ago, to the concept of the expletive infixation. It has validated all kinds of linguistic outrage for me. By the way if you have the time, do read that entire article - it's hilarious.)

And as promised I am showing you a picture of Charlotte's stocking. It was kind of a knit-centric week (trying oh, so hard, to get that stupid Cap Shawl done) so I didn't do much......if it sounds like an excuse, it is.

Last week:

This week:

Is it enough, O most enlightened reader? Or does the sun appear dark in your eyes because of my slack-freaking-assedness? I know which one I'd choose.

I'll do better next week, I promise.

Here's the peony, in full blowsy bloom. This is one decadent plant: between its scent, its glorious plumage, its syrupy buds, and its almost instant progress from bloom to decay, it is the Roman Dinner Party of the perennial world.

And that's all we have time for today. Catch you on the flip side, my fan-f*cking-tastic darlings.


lizbon said...

"The Roman Dinner Party of the Perennial World"? Now THAT is fan-fracking-tastic.

Oh, and I adore, just adore that shawl-in-progress. And I am not normally a shawl person. It's reminiscent of a spider, were she able to shoot pretty pretty silk out her ass. Um, arse? Is that the Canadian idiom?

Shan said...

I like 'arse', but I think it's more an Eastern thing. Here in BC you mostly hear 'ass', unless it's a displaced Maritimer talking.

And thank you!

Gwen said...

Do you need some Bs?

knititch said...

it sounds like a mighty lot of stitches. but knitting has to be a challenge as well as a means of relaxation and creativeness in my opinion. looking forward to seeing the fo.