Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's the first day of the week.

Last year I blew the contents out of 24 eggs and almost had an aneurysm. This year I prudently settled for twelve.

You can use a glue gun to make pretty designs on your eggs.

Just don't heat the water when dyeing them, or the glue will melt. Cold water, food colouring, and a splash of vinegar work just as well. It takes about an hour for pale colours, longer for darker (depending on how much dye you use in the pot).

Hollow eggs float, so you'll have to use a strainer or something to weigh them down and keep them under the water.

Peeling the glue off is easy and quick, just don't press hard enough to crush the eggshells.

Make sure you empty all the water out of the eggs after they are coloured, either by re-blowing them, or setting them onto dry paper towels to wick the moisture out.

Mound them in a pretty bowl or hang them on a tree with ribbon like I did last year, and celebrate resurrection.

Peace be unto you.


lizbon said...

I like the effect of the glue-gunned eggs (and being able to write that phrase) but part of me can't help but think "wouldn't it be easier to just write on them with crayons to get the wax-resist effect?"

Because I am lazy like that, and because I think that's what I used to do when I was little.

PS. As further proof of my laziness, I shall respond here to your question of th previous post: I like blog posts that have much to do with life and less to do with knitting, because life is more interesting than knitting.

And now I will go duck and cover while the knitters of the world throw rotten easter eggs at me.

Gena said...

That's a nice trick! We never blew out or eggs, just boiled them then decorated. And we used the white crayons to doodle on them before dying. Well, okay I didn't because I'm not artistic, but everyone else did!

Happy Easter!

Shan said...

Crayons. Of course.


That's me - needlessly complicating things for thirty years. do you get the crayon off afterwards? Or do you just use a white crayon?

Jo said...

I took the easy way out with Willow - Grandma dyed the eggs with her with paintbrushes I supplied. I went shopping instead.

kate said...

I use thick wax candles (I have a box of the white cafe style candles for camping) for the same effect as the crayon. It rubs off, with warm water once the dye is dry. Many of the easter egg dye kits come with a little clear wax crayon in them.

Very nice eggs you got there :-)

Gwen said...

Potatoes, patatoes. Either way, those eggs are lovely! Well done!

Stace' said...

Did you know you can buy colored eggs in the store now? That's nutty!

Stace' said...

I'm getting ready to knit a prayer shawl.

Shan said...

Stace....uh oh, I hope nothing's amiss.

I tried to email you personally but obviously I have got your email wrong because it was returned 'undeliverable'.