Wednesday, March 05, 2008

'Cause there's nothing like a snap decision.

I haven't had much time to knit, and I won't have time to either knit OR blog very much in the next week. It's portfolio time and by Friday (Monday latest) I have to have a binder full of Charlotte's work samples for her contact teacher to mark. This means I have to spend this week creating sample-appropriate worksheets for her to fill out. It's basically review -- hoop-jumping.

But look what exciting thing is (maybe, probably, almost-certainly) going to be happening in our house next month:


plus B

equals C (where "C" is for "cute")

Any tips? It'll be my first time with one of these. I'm a cat person, usually, but I met one of these and he about knocked me over with the loveliness. Very gentle. Anyway, I fell in love and now I think we are committed to a long-term relationship.

They a'n't cheap but I reckon the old adage "you get what you pay for" is useful here. Advice? Warnings? Plotzing? Let fly.


stitchin' girl said...

What a cute puppy! Having a puppy is kind of like having a new baby - wonderful but kind of tiring :o). Having said that, we are also thinking about getting a puppy. We are still in the deciding mode, but we like the chocolate labs. I wish you lots of luck with the new little one when you get it.

Ames said...

My advice, sink the money for a good trainer. You won't regret it. AND, everyone says: "A tired puppy is a good puppy."

How exciting!!!

kate said...

Love Shelties!! Such sweet dogs, too cute and woo hoo!! Aaawwwww. Welcome to the dog world ;)

Ames is right, tired puppy is a good puppy! Lots of fresh air and playing.

My two bits?
Kennel train. Even though you're home all the time, still kennel train. It's their home, their sanctuary and a quick place to put them when you need them out of the way (better than shutting a door on them). If you do have to travel, it makes it easier for them to visit or stay with other people.

Oh, and prepare the kids for some toys to get chewed. Eventually one will get left out and will get chewed. It is the price of a puppy.

Carolyn said...

And the next thing will be a spinning wheel! Just think of the Fair Isle stuff you could get from the combings of that coat!!!

It'll take a while, though.

We're not puppy people here, tending more towards the rescued mutts, but I've heard wonderful things about crate training, both for preserving your sanity and for helping the dog learn what is expected of him. Her? Got a name yet?

Annalea said...

Crate train, crate train, crate train! It's your salvation, and a wonderful safe haven for the puppy. Get a good book on puppy training (the breeder should be able to point you towards one), and spend the $$$ on a good crate. Luckily, a Sheltie won't need a very big one.

And definitely, definitely, absolutely, positively, find a good trainer in your area and take yourself and the puppy to obedience classes. They're as much for you as they are for the puppy, and it's something you'll NEVER regret. (Unlike us, who weren't able to do it, and paid the price over and over.)

If you want a dog in the city, where obedience and docility are an absolute must, the crate training and obedience classes are vital. That, and never get angry with the wee thing. It always backfires . . . and there are gentle ways to teach your puppy what you want it to do. Puppies are so eager to please, as soon as they understand what it is you want, they do their best to make you happy (and earn the deserved praise).

My DH loves Shelties--congrats on your soon-to-be-added new addition!

Shan said...

Carolyn, great idea - Mr HSBoots said to me the other day, while reading a website on Shelties, "Hey, listen to this, it says 'enterprising women spin their dog's fluffy underlayer into yarn'. Hilarious."

I was thinking of a rescued dog but sadly my husband is dead set on the cute-puppy thing. I personally am more interested in the adult dog, and see the puppy stage as something we must live through to get the well-behaved companion we'd like.

We don't know whether we'll get a girl or a boy. There are 5 puppies. Each of the two breeders (dam kennel and foster breeder) get their choice, then whatever's left over we can pick from. I don't much care about the gender, really.

I have tons of good ideas for names but Mr HSB has vetoed most of them...Angus, Stirling, Lewis...but I'll come up with something. He frowns and says "those sound like PEOPLE names."

lizbon said...

Ohmigawd. I am keeling over with Puppy Envy.

Gwen said...

I know a dog named Argus. Great name.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Of course they sound like people names, dogs are simply 'fur persons' to borrow from a favourite author of my youth, May Sarton (who's Mrs Stevens Hears the Mermains Singing .. is amongst my all time favourite books). My advice is to simply know what rules are important to you and teach those - and let the rest go. We had a couple of basic rules, come when called, stay in the yard, pee and poo outside, chew chews. I don't believe in teaching negative rules 'don't this, don't that' ... focusing on positive keeps me positive. Anyways, once the dogs knew the basics, the rest was up to them. There is lots of room for personality when individuality isn't rule bound.

Beth said...

Look at the little tiny puppy! I have no tips, except post a lot of pictures.

Tabatha said...

Golly, you sound super busy.
You being more of a cat lover is a bit of a surprise for me because I have always been a dog lover and usually we have similar views on these types of things. I like cats but I began to form a wee phobia about them when 6 years ago when the complex we lived in had A LOT of cats and they kept trying to creep into our house. They were so slinky, sneaky, and quick. I just became a bit freaked. Silly, but true.

Okay, all that to say, HOW COOL YOU ARE GETTING A PUPPY!

Tabatha said...

Okay, I put some unnecessary whens into my comment. :)

mel said...

*sigh* love the puppies. Beware though - they have to be so cute because they can be such stinkers - little devils in disguise ;) completely worth it though

I'm a dog & cat person - love them both. Dogs are pretty special in that incredible unconditional acceptance and love that they offer (for not very much in return - food, safety, scritches...) Best of luck with your puppy and take lots of pics and tell us stories when you can!!

Jo said...

Oh, I love shelties! I had one when I was a teenager.

amanda said...

Dogs are very loyal and much friendlier than cats. Just make sure you establish yourself as the leader of the pack, and include him/her in your pack as much as you can. Dogs are pack animals and get lonely and frustrated if they don't feel like they are part of one. My 2 doggies are very happy (but they know I'm the boss!)