Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why does this choke me up?

The Waiting Game
by John Mole

Nuts and marbles in the toe,
An orange in the heel,
A Christmas stocking in the dark
Is wonderful to feel.

Shadowy, bulging length of leg
That crackles when you clutch,
A Christmas stocking in the dark
Is marvellous to touch.

You lie back on your pillow
But that shape's still hanging there.
A Christmas stocking in the dark
Is very hard to bear.

So try to get to sleep again
And chase the hours away.
A Christmas stocking in the dark
Must wait for Christmas day.

From "The Usborne Book of Christmas Poems"


Gwen said...

Waaah! That's nearly as good as the "Heap O' Livin'" poem in the Pioneer Lady book.

Is your computer working?

Kate said...

Sometimes the way simple words evoke emotion simply amazes me.

Ames said...

I don't know. . .maybe you need more B-complex.

Kate said...

Ha! Ames made me laugh outloud :)

uberstrickenfrau said...

Neat poem, I'll have to stick a copy of that on my girls stockings to read.

Shannon said...

Received your Christmas card, thank you. The kids were thrilled. Sadly it is the only card we have received so far this year. I am hoping the others are late rather than the tradition of Christmas cards is dying.

Gwen said...

Whose? Mine?

Shan - your hostess said...

Shannon, thank you - I am computer-less (computer free?) for two days now so have been unable to email...we got your card and it was LOVELY. What a great picture of you, you
look fantastic! Charlotte said "Wow, F's mom is so pretty. She looks nice. She has nice braids. " I'm sorry we didn't send photos but honestly if we waited for that you'd be old and grey.