Friday, December 07, 2007

Shame it's a dying art.

Christmas Thank Yous
by Mick Gowar

Dear Auntie
Oh, what a nice jumper
I've always adored powder blue
and fancy you thinking of
orange and pink
for the stripes
how clever of you!

Dear Uncle
The soap is terrific
so useful and such a kind thought
and how did you guess that
I'd just used the last of
the soap that last Christmas brought?

Dear Gran
Many thanks for the hankies
Now I really can't wait for the 'flu
and the daisies embroidered
in red round the "M"
for Michael
how thoughtful of you!

Dear Cousin
What socks!
and the same sort you wear
so you must be
the last word in style
and I'm certain you're right that the
luminous green
will make me stand out a mile.

Dear Sister
I quite understand your concern
it's a risk sending jam in the post
But I think I've pulled out
all the big bits of glass
so it won't taste too sharp
spread on toast

Dear Grandad
Don't fret
I'm delighted
So don't think your gift will offend
I'm not at all hurt
that you gave up this year
and just sent me a fiver to spend.


Kate said...

love it!
I remember struggling to write my Nana and Grandad thank you notes every year. I realized as an adult how much they appreciated those hand printed notes though.

Tabatha said...

I wrote lots and lots of Thank You cards growing up. I make my kidlings do the same. I just end up mailing them late. Why is it so hard to get stamps and envelopes together?