Friday, September 29, 2006

Knit Knite

Wednesday is knitting night. There are only four of us, and occasionally five, but it is a great group. This is part of the reason it's a great group:

Food! Note the beer bottle and the empty glasses. Also note the chocolate and chips...aaaah...nobody understands women like women.

I would share what everyone is knitting, but I'm afraid I never asked. We were too busy discussing the state of the country, its education, and its future citizens. It was a great night, but maybe not if measured in terms of rows and repeats.

Pomatomus is within sight of the end. I am over half done the last repeat of a 22 row chart, before toe decrease begins. I'm afraid that my second sock is slightly looser than the first, but the row tension doesn't seem to have changed, thankfully. I am not too worried about the difference in tightness, mainly because it's slight, and it only affects the fit for the better, as the first sock is a mite too tight. No reknitting, though: there is no way I am signing up for another whole Pomatomus on these needles, with this wool. The yarn hates being frogged and, even with just the occasional tinking and reknitting I've done, it has developed a notable fuzz and pill in those areas. I'm not too keen on the Socks that Rock, having knit this pattern with it... but it just makes me love my favourite yarn all the more. The retailer claimed that STR was "the same thing" as KPPPM, but she was deluding herself. Perhaps she just felt defensive, being an American, of Socks that Rock, since I had just voiced my disappointment over the shop's lack of KPPPM. Poor thing...with Koigu and Fleece Artist both hailing from the True North, what chance do they have?

But here is a glimpse of my second Pomatomus. I tried to caption this photo but for some reason I couldn't get it to save. And let's face it: there are only so many hours of my day available for faffing around in Photoshop. So, I had to do the caption another way.

" suis suis suis M. Pomatomus.
Voulez vouz tricoter avec moi?"


Gwen said...

J'aime M. Pomatomus! My forehead wrinkled while reading the confusing knitting jargon, but I understood the beer, choc n' chips quite well.

Kate said...

"Hey Honey look, I'm on the Internets!"
- that was good for a laugh at the look on his face :)
It was a great evening; I wish for every knitter the company of fellow knitters who understand the passion and compulsion of yarn and needles.
For the record, although there is nothing in my hands in the picture, I was working on mittens for Dulaan, with your seafoam.

karen said...

so good to see the blog - it is very inspiring Shan - and of course the beautiful sock(s)that are so near completion... Potonamus......alas ... I am still working on the back of a cable sweater, that at this rate should be ready for wearing sometime in late February - less chocolate and beer and more knitting!! or not!!
great to see our knitting quad on the net... see you wednesday.