Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hello Habibi. As promised, a glimpse of the two skirts which cost me ten dollars each at Incognito on Saturday. They are both intended to be one-size wrap skirts but don't fit around my waist properly, so they work perfectly when tied sarong-style around the hips instead.

Skirt the first: Black with metallic threads. Seen here over copper/black knit harem pants. Crappy picture - taken in the mirror in semi-darkness. I had to lighten it a bit so it looks weird.

Skirt the second: Pink. Seen here with my purple coin belt. Can you believe five-year-old Charlotte took this picture?

Last night I went to class, wearing my new pink and gold skirt, and a black choli. As everyone was taking their places, the teacher held up a plastic bag and said "By the way, anyone want a fuschia pink belt with gold coins?". I sashayed up to the front and grabbed the belt, which was a perfect match with my new skirt. The teacher added, "It's $20." Twenty Bucks! There was some grumbling amongst the other women, typically: one of them said to me "if she had told us it was only $20 to begin with, there would have been a stampede." Well, you snooze, you lose.

The skirt with the new belt:

Beaut, hey? I love it when I get a good deal, especially on belly dance costume parts. The one thing I need help with is tops...from the hips up is my area of least confidence. I find I continually look for plain, black, modest tops to cover what I don't want to show. As I progress in the dance, though, maybe I will gain new appreciation for what beauty I have, rather than being disappointed that I don't have the same beauty as others.

Next post - more knitting content. Promise.


Kate said...

Dayum girl, you can sashay that skirt:)
Good looking belly button. Seriously.
And very nice blog so far. Like the style, like the writing, I think I'll come back for more :)
Wish we'd known about the digger, I have this boy that would have LOVED it!

Gwen said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pink skirt. You inspired me so much I put on "Arabic Groove" and got all decked out. I shimmied around the living room at about 725 decibels, which seemed to be a severe trial to the dog I'm looking after. I sent you a pic, check your email. I'm holding in my tummy so hard you can see me turning purple in the picture.

BTW you have GREAT legs as I have always told you, def. wear the pink skirt w/out harem pants.

Shan said...

Kate, that belly button is thanks to low light, a five-year old photographer, and my arms stretched over my head as I do a move called the "Maya". (Nothing like shattering the mystique.)