Saturday, September 23, 2006

You May Need to Avert Your Gaze

After two interminable days of being inexplicably unable to upload photos onto, I finally found a forum on which some guy who says, and I quote, that his "english ain't good", told me to select "none" on the photo placement layout option and Hey Presto! I've got a picture up. Hopefully it continues to work since if it conks out again I think I might have to switch to Firefox, the other solution offered.

I briefly considered editing 22 September's post to add the photos, but remembered what Edna says. "I never look back, dahling. It distracts from the now." Plus I was rather charmed, upon reviewing it, by the prose. It's been a while since I wrote any descriptive paragraphs - about 17 years, actually, since all university profs (all who don't teach fine arts) tend to ruthlessly hector students out of the habit of description (or, as they would doubtless call it, wordiness). Therefore, I am packing all my botanical shots into this little post so you can see just what the animals from the pit of hell did to my plant.

Jasmine, one hour before the earth cracked open and three horned, cloven-hooved denizens of the deep emerged to wreak their horrible destruction:

And the destruction itself:

Ugly. Ugly, ugly deed.

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