Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wait Up

I know, I’m late to the party. However, I’m compelled by the phenomenon that is knitalongs to start a blog, in the hope that I can at last take part in some of them.

A little background – nothing heavy, since there’s nothing more boring than too much information about a new and unknown blogger. I knit, I sew, I read, I cook, I garden (in a very novice capacity) I dabble in embroidery (okay, well, cross-stitch. Hrm hrm. Did you say something?) I belly dance, I educate my children and try not to let them drive me completely barking.

Here’s where I notice that, to the casual observer, I don’t really do much of anything at all.

On to the knitting. Let me count up my works in progress so both of us can get some kind of idea what is going on around here. A word of warning – I have been working on Christmas knitting for six weeks. If this freaks you out, get a grip…you’ve got less than a hundred days.

1-Knitty's Pomatomus sock 2 of 2, in Socks that Rock colourway “Star Sapphire”. (I’m not sure about the colourway. I was winding the skein at my friend’s house, while her husband prowled around making us a bonfire so we could have some marshmallows. She had mentioned that he likes to burn stuff, but I didn’t realize the truth of this until I looked around for the ball band for my new STR yarn. Burnt. Apparently she has to actually hide things from him on “fire nights” because in the past she has had to rescue brand new magazines, gift certificates, gas coupons, and carelessly discarded articles of faintly-worn clothing from imminent fiery death, snatching them from the licking flames. This made me a little uneasy and I found myself calling in a would-be-unconcerned, unnaturally high voice for my children.)

2-Sailor-collared cardy in Sirdar Snuggly DK, for Emily. Emily is two and a half years old, so I hope she won’t have reached the stage of refusing to wear anything I make for her, by the time I block and sew it.

3-Striped cardy in Sirdar Snuggly DK for Charlotte, at the age of five, who is subject to fits of hysteria on the subject of clothes. I very much fear that, in this case, I will be casting my purls before swine. I have a hideous vision of her trying on the cardigan, her smile fading quickly, to be replaced by a blank look that lasts all of three seconds before she transforms herself into a hideous shrieking banshee, screaming “IT FEELS WEIRD, IT FEELS WEIRD!” and tearing at the sweater with fingers curled into claws. Watch for it.

4-Knitty’s Trellis sweater for my cousin’s wee babe, now three months old, in Patons Classic Merino. There’s a problem with this one. I have lost the second ball of yarn, with half a sleeve left to COMPLETE FINISHING. The LYS doesn’t have any more of that colourway, and even if they did the dye lot wouldn’t be the same. I know I’ll find that bloody ball somewhere, but I’ll find it forty-eight hours after frogging both sleeves and reknitting them with alternate rows of two different dye lots, then sewing SIX buttons onto the sweater and presenting it to my cousin’s baby, who by that time will be three sizes too big for it.

And that’s it for the knitting, oddly enough. I feel like I’m missing something…I’m looking around for all the WIPs I’ve got skulking in corners, and there aren’t any. This means casting on, But Quick.

But I’ve got Charlotte’s Christmas stocking to finish X-stitching by December 20, and a lot of big sewing plans, and The Most Beautiful Yarn In The Stash calling out for swatching…it should be a great winter. Stick around.

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