Monday, December 26, 2011

Theme: What I Knit for Christmas

On October 20, Gwen emailed everybody with her Christmas list. On it was "A great big sweater to swath myself in. Preferably in some shade of green."

I, in turn, emailed everybody (except Gwen) and said "I call the sweater."

The "green" thing didn't happen - Gwen likes cables so I decided on a gansey, which is traditionally blue. So, blue it was.

November was a little busy for me, but I did manage to win NaNoWriMo AND knit my sister's sweater within the month allotted. 

Sadly, I was so stinkin' sick in the first two weeks of December, I didn't manage to take any photos of Gwennie's Gansey before it had to be mailed.

So I had to ask Gwennie to snap some photos for me, which she did with alacrity.

My favourite one is this one below, showing the Gansey nestled among its fellows - garments I have knit for Gwen in the past. Isn't that something! That whole drawer - all handknits. And I don't mean to brag, or anything, but there are lots more that aren't showing.

There are layers in that drawer, baby!

Thanks, Gwen, for the photos. Love you!


Yarn: Harrisville New England Highland Aran 10-ply in Cobalt - #31.
Pattern: Based on the Robin's Hood Bay gansey from Gladys Thompson's Patterns for Guernseys Jerseys & Arans, with some modifications based on "Fylingdales" (Lisa Lloyd, A Fine Fleece). I increased the length of the stockinette portion at the bottom of Robin's Hood Bay, cut WAY back on the length of the cabled portion so it begins about 4 inches below the armhole (I think it's more flattering this length), took out the knitted initials, added Lisa Lloyd's welt and used her button band, used a plain 2X2 collar, and added a top-down, knitted-in saddle shoulder of the rope cable, flowing down the sleeve to the cuff. The cuff is about 4.5 inches long and knit quite tightly, to enable folding back of sleeves. (This is a house sweater and as such should be able to be shoved up to the elbows while using flour/water/detergent/towels/hair products.)


Gwen said...

I love it!!! I'm "swathed" in it right now, and it is so dreamy. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can tell that I'll be wearing this for years and years. I wore it out tonight for a quick run-out-for-milk trip. It's warm tonight, right around zero degrees, but the sweater was easily warm enough to go with no coat. This will probably be my grab-and-go sweater! In fact, when I am dead and gone, my kids will have a hard time finding photos of me that don't feature this sweater in varying degrees of fade.

And to the rest of your readers.... aren't I so lucky??! What a sister!

Gwen said...

By the way -- love the title.

Valerie said...

Will you be my sister?

Then again, from Gwen's comments, she sounds like a pretty neat sister too.

All the best in the New Year, Shan.

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous! Ooooh-worthy. And excellent photos.

I'm not happy with the gansey I made for Christmas, but it's all my own fault since I made it up as I went along and didn't take good notes. It's an EXCELLENT full-size swatch for a gorgeous gansey, though.

freedomnan said...

Carolyn, "Excellent full-size swatch" makes me laugh!

ps. word verification "athsel" sounds like a traditional knitting pattern.

kristieinbc said...

Not only is that sweater beautiful, it also speaks of sisterly love in the most profound way. The picture of it tucked away next to some of the other things you have knit says it all.

Susie Hewer said...

That's a really beautiful gansey, knit with love and in a lovely colour.