Monday, February 11, 2008

Half a Loaf.

The first order of business was to write another book review, seeing as how it's been several weeks since I posted one. Now that's done, I need to address some of the comments from last week.

Firstly, Anna, I feel that as far as Lorna's Laces go, beggars shouldn't be choosers. That said, I have only ever tried the Shepherd Sock, and haven't even petted any other types of Lorna's Laces. I do like lace knitting, though, and have heard good things about the Helen's Lace. If you are TRULY SERIOUS about sending me some, I can only thank you happily and dash away furtive tears of joy. I love red, pink, blue, green, grey and purple.

Secondly, yes I belly dance. It's great fun and very affirming from a feminist perspective. It's not easy to get over stage fright, but I wouldn't like to think I had given up an interesting and enriching life experience just because I was worried that people would laugh at me. I've been mocked many times in my life, and have come to the conclusion that people will do it even (maybe especially) if you're fully clothed, sitting in the corner quietly, and trying not to be noticed. So you might as well put body glitter on, don a sparkly costume, slide cymbals on your fingers, and jump up on the stage.

Thirdly, I have been tagged for another meme. I've come to a more mature perspective on memes, and no longer feel that they are necessarily Of The Devil. Therefore, I give you seven more things, courtesy of Annalea, who tagged me. But I will stretch the meme out over the next few posts because I can only think of one, right now. Surely by tomorrow some more will come to me.

1. I have this recurring fantasy where I hide in the library until they lock it for the night, and I spend all night in there drifting through the stacks, lying on the floor reading random bits of random books, and nobody bothers me. It gets dark and maybe it rains (our library has a leaky roof right over the children's section) and I eventually end up in the occult section, freaking myself out with spooky books like you'd find in the Sunnydale High library. Flashes of blinding lightning illuminate the towering stacks like angular, monochromatic gargoyles.

How's that?


Annalea said...

That's great, Shan. I love that first bit of the meme. I'm wishing I had taken more time to think about mine . . . I could only think of things I loved, but since have thought of a few truly odd things about myself that I might have to just toss out there for kicks.

And I'm glad you no longer think memes are Of The Devil--I'd hate to be one to lead you down the wide road!

kate said...

I love the idea of the library, but I part ways from you at the scary stuff!
I'd be over in the travel section - I love reading other peoples' travel adventures.

lizbon said...

It reminds me of my fantasy of getting locked in the Met overnight, sleeping in the Louis Quatorze beds with the little curtains around them.

Though I think I'd need company; the Met would be spooky at night.

Shan said...

Louis Quatorze....I went to Versailles and I remember thinking, as we went into bedroom after bedroom, "geez these people were short."

Gena said...

Hey, more power to you for belly dancing in public! Me, I pretty much only dance in the privacy of my own home, or at punk concerts where dancing requires no real skill.

Love the first bit of the meme!

Tabatha said...

Just in case you forgot - I like you very much. I have wished to get lost in a library and having unlimited amount of time to look at books that I wouldn't usually or am to embarrassed to read.

lizbon said...

Shan, that's just what you're gonna think when you meet me, too.