Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Fact Generator

  1. I have made two more heart purses. They come together fast once you've made one or two. These were to be Christmas presents though my daughters have already laid claim to I guess I'll be knitting a few more.

  2. Charlotte tried to look up the word maraud in her Webster's New World Children's "Dictionary" (those are sarcastic quote marks) and it wasn't there. I was disappointed and annoyed as I feel marauder is a perfectly reasonable word for children to know. It's not as if I was asking her to look up "pederasty".

  3. The key to the cipher was "exchequer". I am kind of downcast that nobody solved it in the comments, and enthusiastically volunteered to join my team (my team of one) on the Quest for the Ice Fox.

  4. Yesterday I made scones and tea for two entire meals. They were very nice both times: I had them with lemon curd.

  5. I ran out of yarn on my Print o' the Wave stole. The retailer is working on it but it looks like I'll have to rip the entire edging off and start it again with a slightly different colour.

  6. My youngest daughter has been calling "Stuart Little" "Robowt Noodles" for two days and it just never gets old.

  7. We are making a plaster-of-Paris volcano for school. We will make little PlayDoh houses and people, then erupt the volcano and watch what happens to the village and crops. (So I guess next week we'll be looking up "post-traumatic stress disorder".)

  8. It is only 60 days until Christmas.

  9. Tonight is knitting, and I can hardly wait.

  10. My cross-the-street neighbour has put up a Hallowe'en decoration on her door, and it is the subject of endless fascination on the part of my children.


Sue H said...

Ooooh, I so would NOT knock on THAT door. Doubt I could even walk in if the door was open as I would have to pass that thing.

Sorry I didn't get the chance to try to work out that puzzle, must make a bigger effort to get in here more.

the password here today is "snairnak", very Harry Potterish.

lizbon said...

I adore lemon curd. Sorry I failed you on exchequer. Robowt Noodles is sublime. Now I must consider whether there is an all-night lemon curd stand somewhere in this fair city.

Shan said...

"All-night lemon curd stand"...your future beckons.

Jenny said...

Well the title made me believe I wasn't to read any further in your last post!LOL
I imagine you will do well in this Icecapade. Good luck and happy gaming!

Ames said...

My youngest kept call Stuart Little, Little Stuart. And, Curious George, George Curious. She mays still do that. But, the best is when she calls Lightning McQueen, from Cars, Lightning the Queen. Doesn't really go with his very macho persona.

Robowt Noodles, love it.

Never even heard of Lemon Curd. Do you sit on a tuffet and eat it with whey?

Gwen said...


It's the best lemon curd ever. Mix 1 to 1 w/ whipped cream for lemon mousse, spread plain over scones, use in tarts, cakes, trifles. YUM!

lizbon said...

Forgot to say: those heart purses are lovely. You got some talented hands, lady.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I did not join because you requested SMART people and that left me out. Anyways, my guess was so very wrong that I won't even tell you! And anyways I hate games that make you go crazy..........anyways

Kris said...

The PTSD comment got me! Thanks for the laugh!